Friday, November 30, 2007

She's Off the Charts!

Brooklyn had her two month wellness checkup - and she's...
Almost as long as Daddy!!!

Brooklyn is never going to hear the end of this. Ever since we went to the doctor for her two month checkup, we have been bragging to everyone about how she is off the charts in height and in the 95th percentile for weight and head circumference. I can just see us telling people when she's 15, "Brooklyn was off the charts in height was she was a baby!". I think we'll leave out the weight stat though (;
She is growing so much though, my nickname is "The Creamery".

We had some good friends come into town with their four month old, and she is a pound and a half heaver and longer than her! Her chunky thighs and double chin are so cute!
She is smiling all the time now, and slowly figuring out how to use her hands. She has grasped some things and has started to be able to move around when she's on her tummy.

She is basically the perfect baby (I guess we are a little biased,) but she sleeps well, barely ever cries and smiles a lot. She is loved to death by everyone around her - Just wait until we get up to Canada!
When her Grandparents and aunties call, they always talk to her on the phone, so she knows their voices and I'm sure she'll remember their touch when they hold her again!
We still have lots of people willing to help hold and love on her here until then though!

Daddy is a great playmate and helper too!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Thanksgiving 2007

We hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! Tennessee is absolutely gorgeous in November! I've never experienced weather like this! People are still eating lunch outside on patios and it's nearly December!

We had three Thanksgiving feasts this year! One at McCallie's dining hall, one at D-Daddy and Nana's in Georgia, and one at the Fridays!

D-Daddy and Nana put on an incredible feast for the whole family down in Ila Georgia! There were about 15 people at the lunch/dinner, but they made enough for 50! When we got there, there were 4 pecan and 4 pumpkin pies piled high and D-Daddy made enough Butter-beans for an army - yet Trey was still able to finish them off! The day we left, D-Daddy was up early to make yet another batch so that we could take some home for Trey and Logan to feast on!
The Clark's are examples of pure love and generosity and we love them!

When we first arrived, we got to see Braden, Trey's cousin JoAnna's little boy - who is also off the charts! These Clark kids are big!

Brooklyn was all smiles the whole week. She especially loved D-Daddy (; She knows who spoils her.

Brooklyn also made her first friend this holiday! Trey's good friend, Melanie from the Branch married a guy from my BYU Racquetball team, Zach and they have an adorable little girl who is two months older than Brooklyn. We had a really good time hanging out with them while they -were in town! We left with a car-load of gifts and food - about 20 pounds of peanuts and pecans (and yes, a huge bag for the Harris')
On our way home I was able to go to the Temple while Trey watched Brooklyn, then we went to the mall and had Brooklyn sit on Santa's lap! (Pictures to come)
Unfortunately, when we got back home from Georgia, we found mice running around in our apartment! We found the source fast, but didn't seem to get them all out before we covered their escape rout! We've killed one and saw another last night! AHhh!
It was so funny, when we first saw the mice, I told Trey that this is where I draw the line-I do not catch mice (I have been the one to kill the cockroaches!). He got on his big brown shoes and only had his underwear on as he jumped up and down with a shoe box as I opened each cupboard. We were both screaming like little girls -I'm sure Trey is going to love finding this blog entry!

Now the following pictures is for Heather, because I guess you didn't believe Trey when he told you that D-Daddy knew Kenny Rogers. This is one of the pictures they have with him. This one is of his Aunt and Kenny, but I have seen several pictures with D-Daddy and the rest of the family with him!
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Sunday, November 18, 2007

She's Just Going to get Cuter!

Here are some pictures of Trey and I as babies - who do you think Brooklyn looks more like?
Considering how cute Trey and I were as babies, I think that Brooklyn may even get cuter than she already is! (If that is possible!)

Friday, November 16, 2007

My Thanksgivings!

I am in the most beautiful part of the world right now! I can't believe the amazing colors of fall here! I am so blessed and thought that now that it is Thanksgiving, I can share my Thanks and gratitude on my blog!
I just have so much to be thankful for right now in my life! For my gorgeous and wonderful baby girl, my amazing husband, for my incredible parents, siblings and in laws, great friends and the opportunities we have been blessed with now and throughout my whole life!
I feel so blessed to have the family I have. My parents and siblings are truly the best! I am grateful for their steady love and support and examples of goodness, excellence, adoration and faith!
I'm grateful for my extended family and their love, support, interest in our lives and examples. Spending time with cousins, Grandparents and now in-laws are true highlights in my life - may those times continue!

I'm grateful for my friends and the strength they have given me throughout my life

I have been so incredibly blessed with a wonderful, happy childhood, full of good memories, fun experiences and smiles.

I'm grateful for the incredible opportunities I've been given in my life. Opportunities to play sports, play piano, go to BYU and on a mission, to travel, to buy a house, to sell a house, and to find the man of my dreams!

All of these things truly helped prepare me for marriage and motherhood.
Every day I feel so lucky to be where I am in life right now. I am madly in love with my husband! He is adoring, incredible, supportive and loving and an amazing Dad! We have the most wonderful, perfect baby in the world, and I get to have her with me all the time. I am so lucky that I can stay at home with her!

I love it here in Chattanooga. My inlaws are the best on earth, and I have made good friends here and have women that I walk every week with for about 2.5 hours, someone that I can leave Brooklyn with for an hour a few times a week when I get my swim in, Judy who is always open to helping take care of Brooklyn when I need a break and literally dozens of people that I know I could go to if I needed any help at all!

I always worried about being a stay at home mom; staying busy and stimulated enough, but I am truly loving being a "Homemaker"! (Though I'm not the typical homemaker as I don't ever cook anything but cookies and breads for the boys or my visiting teachees, or the occasional dinner for guests!) I am staying very stimulated by swimming, walking and playing racquetball, studying Chinese, the gospel and reading great books like "Montessori from the Start", "The Mommy Brain" and "Strangling Your Husband is Not an Option" (; All books I would recommend! And also making a little money on the side figuring out a Quickbooks program for a local Real Estate Contractor and I have just been hired as the Racquetball Teacher here at McCallie! I have so much support here, there are people lining up to help take care of Brooklyn whenever I need help with Brooklyn!

Well, I guess I just want to say Thank you! Thank you to my Heavenly Father, to my Family and to my Friends for all the support and love that you all provide that makes my life so wonderful! You truly encompass all that is good in my life!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Trey's Team is Undefeated!

Congratulations to McCallie Junior Varsity's Football team! They were undefeated this Season and I am proud to say that my husband was the head Defensive-back Coach!
Trey had fun coaching, but watching those boys play gave him the desire to get back out on the field!

We are having fun here with our own swimming pool, racquetball court, track and wieght room to play in on Saturdays!

Monday, November 5, 2007

She's Smiling!

Brooklyn is getting to be more and more fun by the day! She is smiling all the time and very responsive.
Judy was the first to make her laugh. She loves her NaiNai (We think she already knows who spoils her rotten and will give her anything she ever wants - and therefor who to suck up to!) We went to Time Out for Women this past weekend in Atlanta and it was so awesome! Brooklyn, Judy and I went to both the Friday and Saturday session and stayed at a Hotel Friday night in Atlanta. Friday she leaked, then had a huge blowout where poop was up to her neck right as we arrived at the conference, but other than that she was perfect as always. For those who don't know, TOFW is like EFY for Moms. There were many great song-writers and authors of the church were there to basically inspire us and make us feel great! As you can tell, Brooklyn had fun too!

Here are some of the cute outfits that have been given to her. Thanks Barnards and Doves and Judy and everyone!

Help! I have this really cute video clip that I took with my camera of her smiling and laughing but I can't get it to download. I also don't know how to turn the video so that it is the right direction. Any ideas of how to do this my technological friends?

Brooklyn loves her Papa and NaiNai! We love being close to them.

Isn't she CUTE!!!!