Monday, January 28, 2008

President Hinckley's Passing

As many of you probably already know, President Hinckley, our beloved Leader and Prophet passed away yesterday at age 97.(Click Here to see the news story) Despite his age, it was a shock to me and I had to spend about 45 minutes crying my eyes out to come to grips with it. He was my hero! I loved him so much because of the hundreds of times his words and smile, mannerisms and incredible attitude have touched my life. I actually just gave a talk last week in church and of course quoted him. Here is the quote:

I am asking that we stop seeking out the storms and enjoy more fully the sunlight.

He continues: There never was a greater time in the history of the world to live upon the earth

than this. How grateful every one of us ought to feel for being alive in this wonderful time with all the

marvelous blessings we have. … And on top of all that is the Restoration of the gospel of the

Lord Jesus Christ with all of the keys and authority, with all the gifts and blessings, with all the

organization and doctrine of all previous dispensations all brought into one. And you and I are

partakers of that marvelous restoration (from Church News, Aug. 14, 1999, 7).

I see so many good people everywhere—and there’s so much of good in them.

And the world is good. Wonderful things are happening in this world.

This is the greatest age in the history of the earth. …

We have every reason to be optimistic in this world. Tragedy is around, yes.

Problems everywhere, yes. … You can’t, you don’t, build out of pessimism or cynicism.

You look with optimism, work with faith, and things happen (from Ensign, June 1995, 4).

What optimism and encouragement! He was an incredible example of positivity and faith! I am grateful for his life and how his words and love touched me for most of my teenage and adult life (thus far). I am also grateful that the church keeps going, and the Lord will continue to work through and speak to us through his next prophet as he has done for thousands of years!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

4 Month Check-up - Still off the Charts!!!

Yesterday we went in for Brooklyn's 4 month Doctor check up and she even more off the charts in height than last time at 27 inches, is a wopping 17.1 lb (97th Percentile) , and about the 98th percentile for head circumference!
I counted her rolls yesterday and she has between 25 and 30 luscius, juicy rolls, (depending on what you consider a roll) including neck rolls and back of the knee rolls!
She is healthy and strong - and in our humble opionion the most perfect, wonderful baby on the face of the earth! (We're not biased or anything)

Here are some photos of those gorgeous rolls we are so proud of! All thanks to the BYU Creamery (AKA Mommy)!

She's flexing for ya!

P.S. These are the Biodegradable diapers I use now that I found at the Health-Food store! They are Biodegraadable - so they take 20 years to decompose rather than 200 (Huggies, Pampers etc. take 200!), are Chlorine free, work just as well as other diapers, and basically are healthier for baby and the earth! They are only a few cents more expensive/diaper - well worth the cost! These ones are made by Seventh Generation.

The Shrinking Tub

Every 2 Months the Tub shrinks!

September November


Monday, January 21, 2008

Day at the Chattanooga Acquarium!

We went to the Chattanooga Acquarium, both the freshwater and saltwater parts with two of Fred's daughters, Dawn and Amber and their kids. It was so fun! The freshwater part is largest freshwater aquarium in the world!
Here's the group (Minus Fred who is working on Photo-shopping himself in!)

You can pet the sting ray and sharks in one part!

Brooklyn enjoyed watching all the colorful fish!

My mom is in Mexico at the world Turtle convention right now, so I thought of her at the aquarium as we looked at dozens of different kinds of turtles!

You see any this big Mom?

Friday, January 11, 2008

BathTime w/ Grandpa Greg!

I know, I'm going a little blog crazy today, but there are just so many great photos from Christmas I want to share. I had to make an entirely separate blog for this series though because I think it is the CUTEST!

Thanks Dana for taking such great shots!

More Christmas Pictures!

Well, I'm back in warm, wonderful Chattanooga. People are walking around in shorts and t-shirts down here! Brooklyn sweat through the first night home because I didn't take the fact that it's 10 degrees warmer, even inside than in Calgary! I did the ritual wrap of 3 or 4 blankets on her and a hat. last night, I lighted the load a bit and she slept a lot better.
Of course I miss 'home' though. Here are some more pictures of our fantastic Holiday!

I was embarrassed about how much luggage I had. 2 huge suitcases, each weighing 50lb. With the normal Christmas presents, baby stuff and 30 lbs of D-Daddy peanuts though, I had a good excuse! Dad was thrilled and even asked if D-Daddy could send some more up his way so it was worth it!

When Brooklyn Got Blessed

Our Date! Thanks Brianna and Vic for being such great Babysitters!
Last Christmas Trey gave me the coat and this Christmas gave me the hat and mitts to match!

My Twin-Cousin Kendall!

Happy Baby!

This was our Christmas Day walk in the park outside our house.

Thanks to the two that made it all possible!

A Belated Shower Blog

Before I left for Canada, the wonderful women here at McCallie threw a "Sip'n See" Party for Brooklyn and I. I loved the Sip'n See idea as this way everyone got to hold the baby and enjoy her, so the attention wasn't on me so much. It was so much fun to visit with all the other women on campus. Thank you all for your incredible generosity and friendships and thank you especially to Cissy, Gail and Laura for organizing it!

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year 2008! And our Canadian Christmas!

Trey left Calgary this morning at 5:00am to get his 7am flight back to Chattanooga. I get to stay with my family for another week. Amazingly, all the girls are able to stay until the 6th or 7th, so it's our sisters week together - just missing our big sister Brooke! Last night, for new years, the "adults" came home after a massive Chinese food feast in China Town to do New Years goals together. Trey made sure we did it together while he was here. It's a family tradition to get together and write down and share our goals together each year. It's an awesome experience and I can't wait to get going on my goals! One of them is to do a weekly Blog, so you all are beneficiaries of this tradition already! My Dad and Trey are going to do 3000 Chin ups, Dana's going to start a business, I'm going to swim 1000 Laps and Mom is going to save the world's turtles to name a few of our gaols!

Brooklyn was well taken care of by her 3 aunties this holiday!

My Dad's twin brother Geoff

This Christmas was one of the best yet! We did so many things and had so much fun, but here are some of my favorite things from the holidays!

  • Dana and Glen's second wedding reception at Arriva! my parent's new condo
  • The eternal rival between my Dad and Uncle continued and Dad and Geoff played a match of badminton. My Dad won of course (; It was hilarious to see the two together again - something I hadn't seen since we were in Saudi Arabia! It was a highlight of the holidays - Thanks Geoff for coming!
  • Cousin Kendall spending Christmas with us!
  • Singing Christmas Carols Operatic Style
  • Playing fun Duets
  • Talking till 1am every day because no one wanted to miss out on the conversations
  • Getting $10 Jeans
  • A Curling Bonspeil against the Frank family (see photo!)
  • Lots of badminton
  • Our day in Banff at the Banff Springs Hotel, Sulphur Mountain Hotsprings and Shopping
  • Hot Yoga
  • Trey getting to go to a Calgary Flames Hockey game
  • Snow and Cold Weather (It's fun when its a novelty!)
  • Time with Sisters
  • Trey's Hilariousness - he was on a bit of a roll this holiday which was fun for all
  • Glen's injuries - they mad the holiday memorable
  • Seeing Brig's new house and seeing him thrive
  • The help I've had with Brooklyn! All I've had to do is feed her when she's hungry! I have 7 of the best babysitters in the world with me at all times. (Even if I wanted to, someone always seems to be taking her out of my arms to hold her.)
  • And of course, Brooklyn's baby blessing. In our church, the father blesses the baby soon after they are born and gives them a name and a blessing. Trey's blessing was beautiful, there wasn't a dry eye in the chapel. It felt like Heaven opened; as Trey would say, "she has that effect on people!"