Saturday, March 29, 2008

Our Trip to Pheonix, Yuma and Mexico!

Trey had 10 days off for spring break, so we made the most of it! We first went down to Ila to see DDaddy and Nana, then flew out to AZ Monday. Trey stayed till Sunday night and I stayed till Tuesday morning.
...And the Blogging begins!

We got to the Gooch's at midnight their time, 3am our time Monday night. We basically spent Tuesday morning taking pictures of Bella and Brooklyn together. We are already planning for them to be roommates at BYU!

Half day Tuesday we left to Yuma where my sister Dana met up with us from California. It was such a highlight to have her with us there and she basically took over being Mom for the two and a half days! I loved it! She carried or pushed her around more than I did! (Isn't she gorgeous!)

My Grandmparent travel like my parents! A million miles an hour! Grandpa wanted us to start the day at 6am (generously giving up his morning tennis match) to take us to breakfast, then go to Mexico, then go to the date farms, then the farmer's market, then the dam, then for dinner and then some more! We didn't get all that in in one day, but we did it all in two!
Yuma is a very interesting town. Half of the population are "Snowbirds" like my Grandparents who go there for the winter, then live up north for the summer. It's a land of RVs and mobile homes in the middle of the dessert.

We went to the famous Yuma Prison. It was fun and Grandpa and Trey really got into the roles! "Yuma Territorial Prison is a living museum of the Old West. More than 3,000 desperadoes, convicted of crimes ranging from polygamy to murder, were imprisoned in rock and adobe cells here during the prison's 33-year existence between 1876 and 1909."
Another interesting thing about it is the town 10 minutes from it in San Luis, Mexico about 100-150 Dentist offices where Canadians and Americans go to get their teeth fixed for low prices!

Trey went on a quest to find the "Best Taco" in Mexico. He tried about 5 vendors, but decided these guys were the very best! It was incredble. All the food on the plate above was $1! That was the first time Trey had been in Mexico.

These are few more pictures that captured the memories of our trip. (Sorry, the right picture isn't exactly family friendly, but it's just too funny to leave out!)

Grandma and Grandpa always have these delicious Medjool dates in their freezer from AZ, so we made sure to get a box right from the farmers while were were there. They are so delicious! It was neat to see the farm and learn how they grow them too! We now know why they are so expensive.

I kept having to remind myself that these two are Great-Grandparents! They are so fit! They had no problem keeping up with Brooklyn and tired me right out!
We had an absolute blast though. Thank you Grandma, Grandmpa and Dana! We love you!

So, from Yuma we came up to spend the weekend with Dave and Heather. Dave is in Medical School and had 3 tests the week we were there though, so we only got to see him for a few hours total! We got a Wizard game in, went to eat at an Indian restaurant with a Belly Dancer and to a Greek restaurant with him though!
The rest of the time we were with Heather and Bella. We got into summer mode with the 80 and 90 degree weather! Brooklyn went swimming for the first time and loved it (when we weren't trying to get her to go under) She also liked being diaperless for the longest periods of her life afterwards on the grass!

Heather actually has better photos of our time in Glendale with them though, so look at their blog!
A Video of Brooklyn's first dunk.
Dad did this with all of us.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Mom, Dad and Bree came to visit!

An Insane 3 weeks!

If you have been wondering why you haven't seen or heard from me for the past month, it is because it has been CRAZY! We went from Atlanta/Ila/Athens to Chattanooga to Nashville back to Atlanta and Ila so Bree could see it, then to Chattanooga, back to Nashville to fly to Phoenix, drove to Yuma, to Mexico, and back to Phoenix and finally home this Tuesday! All in 3 weeks!

Brooklyn was a total trooper, and our prayers were answered that she was able to stay healthy and strong! She also had a lot of firsts these past weeks. She's is still growing like crazy and is a whopping 20 pounds at 6 months, is sitting up, rolling every which way and is basically able to get to anything she wants and put it in her mouth - which also proves that only the power of prayer could have kept her from getting sick! She went on the swing for the first time, went to a lot of new places and is now eating foods like rice cereal, oatmeal and sweet potato - though she hates it - more blogging to come on that!
My Mom and Dad came into Atlanta the first week of March and I picked them up in Atlanta and we went to D-Daddy and Nana's. We got the grand tour of Athens and even went to Georgia State's tennis courts for Dad. DDaddy and Dad were already planning for Brooklyn's college tennis career there. and Ila and ate until we were about to burst from Pecan Pie, Zeb's BBQ, mayonnaise potatoes and many other southern delicacies! (All this was already blogged 2 weeks ago.)
We returned a week later with Breezy (Minus my mom and with Trey).

Some 4 generation photos! Brooklyn's got good genes, she has 5 great-grandparents!

Nana gave us some Mandolin lessons - we learned Old Joe Clark and other great songs!

We then came back to Chattanooga for a day for church and Sunday at the Fridays then picked Bree up in Nashville and spend 2 1/2 days there. We went to the Bluebird Cafe (my Nasvhille recommendation), to the Country Music Hall of Fame, to several other music clubs and even to the Belle Meade plantation. My parents are such a blast to travel with because they are interested in and enthusiastic about everything! It took us 6 hours to get back from Nashville (a 2 hour drive) because Dad wanted to stop at every site on the way - even the Jack Danielle's Distilleries when he doesn't even drink!

From Nashville, we went back to Chattanooga for another day and did some sight seeing here, walked around downtown, had some sushi, showed them the expensive homes on the river etc. then headed back to D-Daddy and Nana's for a day so that Bree could meet them and have the "True" southern experience of Ila. They took us to the oldest covered bridge in Georgia and to a fun antique place on the side of the road in a tiny town near them.
Finally, we went to tChatanooga for church and Monday drove to Nashville where Dad flew to Calgary, Bree flew to Salt Lake and Trey, Brooklyn and I flew to Phoenix!!
More blogging to come on those adventures!!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

We got Hair Cuts!

So, Brooklyn is grabbing everything at such a rate I can barely keep up with her. I decided I was loosing too much hair from her getting a few strands and pulling, so, like 90% of moms, I chopped my hair. You may notice a bruise on my left arm from her biting me as well!
More blogs to come. Look at the Gooches for some photos of our trip to Phoenix with them. I haven't even been onto the computer till now since I got back!
Trey also cut his hair recently. He cut his own, even though he promised I could cut it for him!
Isn't he hot! He's working out a lot getting ready for Valpo!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Spring has Sprung!

We are definitely feeling spring coming with Baseball Season, Spring break visits from Bree, Mom and Dad and great weather! I've never enjoyed such an early spring!
I have had a blast with my parents and Bree, showing them our little haven in Chattanooga!
I will write more, but for now, here are some photos!

Baseball at McCallie - Everyone is matching!
Just a really cute (and chunky) Baby!

Grandmother Mary at the Atlanta Temple, helping Brooklyn become a flower child!

Mom took it upon herself to give Brooklyn her first food! We were eating lunch and Brooklyn was grabbing at everything, wanting to eat with us. She decided that it was better for her to have a savery item rather than something sweet - so she gave her a pickle! I suggested her whole grain, organic rice cereal was a better option, but we started that that day too!

We went straight from Atlanta, where Mom and Dad flew in to D-Daddy and Nana's in Ila GA!
We got the grand tour and the whole family came by to meet them! It was a trip of a lifetime!
More to come on our fun times in Nashville with Breezy, and another trip to Ila!