Friday, July 25, 2008

We Went to the Fair!

Brooklyn and I are having fun exploring our new home and we've even made a few friends!

The County Fair was a blast! The sheep loved Brooklyn and even let her pet their noses!

It was fun to watch the different ages and their fascinations with the animals

It was a long day for the girls (:

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Birthday!

I had an incredible birthday today, full of wonderful calls, emails and gifts from my amazing family and friends. Thank you!

Trey got me an awesome gift -a flock of Duck, A flock of Geese and a flock of Chicks to give to families in 3rd world countries! So rather than going to a nice restaurant in Chicago, we're just going to get sandwiches. Neat eh!?? It was such a perfect gift!

Of course I was spoiled by my parents, Ddaddy and the Fridays, so never without lots of gifts as well!
Today I also went berry picking with my new friend here and her little girl. Piper was running around and helping her mom pick green blueberries (; She would also come over and give Brooklyn kisses while she sat so wonderfully in her seat.
We went to a place where we got to pick one bucket and eat as many blueberries as we wanted for $10! It was a great deal, especially with Brooklyn eating about a pound herself! She is my BLUEBERRY BABY!

Our new friends then took care of Brooklyn while we went out for dinner on our own! We went to a nice Italian restaurant in town. It was amazing to be able to eat out with Trey without Brooklyn trying to grab everything off the table!

Thank you!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

New Friends, a Day in Chicago and New Developments!

We have had a fun past week with some new found friends, a fun visit to Chicago to meet up with our favorite Philly/New-Yorker and being amazed at how wonderful Brooklyn is!

Thursday Trey's cousin-in-law Kevin came into Chicago for work and had a few hours Thursday afternoon so we met up with him and had lunch and walked around the windy city. We're getting to know the streets better and discovering more "fun-finds" with him. It was just great to hang out with him - a truly wonderful guy! We missed you Amber though! (This is "triple threat trey man" writing about this- Notice the drinks we are holding, well we went to a Chinese drink place and ordered these great smoothies that we drank everyday in Taiwan and told Kevin just to "trust us." At the bottom of each cup were these questionable little squishy balls. Kevin inquired about them, but again we just said, "trust us." Wouldn't you know it, he tried a few!! We started busting out laughing telling him they were fish eyes!!! They were just delish tapioca balls, but needless to say, I believe Kevin has had enough balls in his cup for a while now! Kevin we thoroughly enjoyed your company and hope to see you and Amber soon....end of Dr. Tre' comments.)

Monday we had some freinds from Church over for dinner. They have an adorable little girl who is about 5 months older than Brooklyn, so Brooklyn was working hard to keep up - she loves other little kids and Piper was no exception. She kept on her heels the whole night. On Saturday We did a Mom's day out and we went up to Lake Michigan for the Sandcastle competition. Brooklyn was a blast getting into all the sand and even going into the water. Piper was hilarious though. She would freak out if she got a single grain of sand on her!
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We weren't able to get a good video of Brooklyn booting it up or down the stairs like she usually does because as soon as the camera comes out, she's more interested in us than the stairs, I've tried to download the one we got, but can't figure it out. She says Dada all day

Don't worry family, Brooklyn is not going to forget you! I made a big poster board with all your pictures on it. We go through it almost daily for a few minutes and I point out who's who for her.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Settling in

Well, we are settling into our new Indiana home. We've explored the beach, the Chicago Zoo with my childhood friend Rochelle and her 3 kids, gotten a little more used to being in the real world and having to cook our own food and even had our first visitors!
Here are the shots:

We made it to the beach last week, It is beautiful, huge amazing sand and cool water - Brooklyn got away on us and put her face into the sand - a little too young for the beach still I guess.

The Zoo with Rochelle and her adorable kids was a highlight. The Zoo in Chicago is free and as good as any I've been to! I still can't believe Rochelle and I are living so close! (She is one of my closest friends from childhood!) I tried to get photos of Rochell's kids, but they are too quick for me! These are the only shots I got - they were off and running the whole time! They are darn cute though.

Lions, Tigers, Bears, Giraffs, Rhinos, hyinas and snakes,

The Monkeys were our faves though!

As you can see, Brooklyn was very excited!

I'm mostly using recipes from Rochelle and Leah - I've made California rolls, Cafe Rio, Fajitas, Salmon Salad, Hummas and Babaganush and !
Trey made the most incredible Fried chicken the other night though - best meal he's ever made! It's his new specialty for when we have guests -hint hint...

Brig and his good friend Jaiden were on a road trip, coming up from Florida with Jaiden's beautiful new car! They stayed for one night -We loved having them and Trey loved getting a sweet ride in it!