Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Camera is Broken

We are home from Canada with wonderful memories and grateful hearts. It's good to be home and back with Trey though. Trey keeps saying he's never seen Brooklyn so happy. She is a happy baby!
Sorry there are no photos. My camera broke halfway through our trip - so family if you have any photos of Brooklyn or just any good photos from Osoyoos, please send them our way!
Love to all,

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Nai Nai says she's in Withdrawal!

Hi Nai Nai! We miss you!

Can you find Logan!?

We already miss Grandpa Greg!

Monday, August 11, 2008

We miss you DaDa!

This Blog is mostly for Trey so he can see his favorite baby girl in Action! She goes around saying Da-Da all day and is as cute as ever! We all miss you tons Tre-Trey!

Dana has taken over as Brooklyn's Mom - gets up in the mornings while I sleep half the time and loves to push the stroller - I think everyone in Osoyoos thinks it's her baby. I dont' mind the rest!

It has been so much fun having the sisters all together! We miss Brookie though.

Brooklyn loves her daily talks with her Daddy! As soon as she hears her Dada's voice she starts smiling and wiggling - almost like she's expecting him to come and tickle her!
She is so good at doing all her tricks for everyone - clapping, blowing kisses, giving high (and low)fives, Saying "Dada" and other things, waving and of course clapping
I still have to post about Bree's mission call, but here is a preview!
Love and miss you so much Babe!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Osoyoos with Uncle Logan!

Trey's little brother Logan came to Osoyoos with us and it has been so fun having him! We have been canoeing, playing in the water, playing lawn croquet, sward fights, yoga, eating millions of Aprocots off the trees singing around the campfire - logan has even been playing his guitar for us! Here are some of our other adventures so far.

We went to my uncle and Aunt's Paint ball field the first day here and my uncle is still talking about what an awesome Paint ball player he was. Logan has not stopped asking to go back too! We'll have to get him back out there before he leaves.

The next night we went Go-Karting. Logan was the most awesome guy on the track and lost his voice yelling at everyone! He's alot of fun.

Logan has been an incredible help with Brooklyn. She absolutely loves her Uncle Logan. Every time he comes in the room she smiles and wants to go to him.

Logan also went on the tramp and he got cheers from the people in the park watching as he did back flips, front flips, double flips and nose dives. he's an awesome athlete. I also threw in the picture of the bat that was attatched to our rental car after our drive from Seattle here!
video video

The Rest of the family arrived Yesterday, so it got a lot more action filled around here. Logan fits right in! By the way, my sister got her mission call! She's going to the San Fernando Mission, Spanish speaking! We are so excited!
MOre to come on that later.

Whenever Logan says "Good Brooklyn!" Brooklyn claps for herself.
Love to all from Beautiful British Columbia!

Judy and Logan came to visit!

Judy and Logan came out from SLC after Logan's lacross camp to visit. We had a blast with them and are so glad Judy made the trip to drop Logan off - he is in Osoyoos with us now.
I wanted to make a post about our time there, then our time here in Canada.

We went ot Navy Peer and all around Chicago with them before Trey and I went on our date.

We had Chicago Deep dish Pizza, Trey and Logan went to see The Dark Night and we basically spent our time determining that Brooklyn is indeed the most wonderful baby in the world (:

The Blue Man Group was really awesome! It was incredible entertainment and just great to be out with Trey on the town - without the chunk - still knowing she's in good hands.
Thank you Trey and Judy for making such an awesome experience happen!