Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Livin' the Dream

As Trey Says, He's living the dream! He is really enjoying football, and though he's busy from 6am till 9:30 at night most days, he feels balanced and fulfilled.Trey is the one in the very center of the photo hitting the other guy - he is #24 and you can see the 4 on the back of his jersey.
We are off to San Diego to watch him play at San Diego State! I'm actually stopping in Utah for a few days for a mission reunion/to see all the people I love and miss there! I am SOOO EXCITED!

Apple Picking FHE!

For Family Home Evening, A group of people from my ward went apple picking! Trey had football practice, so he joined us later for Pumpkin pancakes - mmm! It was the second time this season we've gone and Brooklyn loves it! I have made a bunch of Apple Pie filling and apple sauce to freeze already and am so excited to enjoy it through the winter! I also got about 20 lbs of tomatoes and peppers and made about that much salsa, but Trey has eaten half of my food storage in that department!

This is Brooklyn's Halloween outfit that Nai Nai got her. It's helarious because Mickey Mouse's nose lights up every time she moves and she gets a real kick out of it.

Our Friends

Our Tractor ride

I made a sling for my friend Michelle and I love it, we both color coordinated our babies clothes to match our wrap - we should have done a photos shoot!
I actually sell these for $25 each if anyone wants one. I have them in All different colors - just email me or make a comment on the blog and I'll contact you .

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Brooklyn's First Birthday!

Brooklyn's first year has come and gone! My 7 pound little baby is now a little person (or Destroyer as Grandpa calls her). She Makes us laugh daily. She has started to make Baba sounds and imitates us talking by moving her lips up and down, but not making noise. It's helarious! She isn't walking completely on her own yet, but she walks around the house holding one of my hands, and takes steps on her own. She's Happy, strong and healthy and the most wonderful little girl we could ever wish for.

This evening we had a little birthday party for Brooklyn. I made two Butterfly cakes for her. One was sugar free, but I didn't know how to make Sugar free icing, so the whole "Sugar Free" thing was useless. It was really actually quite good though with the Banana, Cinnamon and raisins!

Brooklyn had a blast with all her friends. Daddy even came home from School to sing Happy Birthday to her with everyone!

Our friends from church and neighbors came over for cake and Ice Cream.

D-Daddy and Nanna send a big package of toys and I found a few at a Garage sale that I couldn't resist!

Thanks for all the calls, texts and emails wishing her a Happy Birthday! Thank you everyone for making it a special day!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Trey is officially a Collegiate Football player! He has had two games now and is hurting all over. He walks around with a limp complaining about his shoulder for the hour he is home every day. He is actually getting a lot more playing time than he thought he would. He got MVP for the Junior Varsity game on Tuesday - which he didn't even tell me about because he says it's nothing because it's Junior Varsity and not the real team - but I'm impressed! He made two tackles in their game against Concordia on Saturday too! Woo Hoo! They won 34-10
It has rained for all three games, so I haven't gotten many photos but there will be more to come.

Valparaiso Popcorn Festival!

I bet you didn't know that we live in the home of Redenbacker Popcorn and home of the very first Popcorn Perade! Yes indeed!

My good friend Rochelle came down from Chicago for the day with her 3 kids. We saw the parade and walked around to the different booths for a while. The hot air balloons took off as they left.

Brooklyn looks so old in this photo doesn't she! She's one this month!!!! She was more interested in the rocks around the tree than the parade.

Rochelle does 3 kids more smoothly than I do one! She is incredible! I love being around her and learning from her expertise

Trey had to study and work most of the day, but he took some photos for us as Rochelle was leaving.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We miss Osoyoos!

Isn't she the cutest thing you've ever seen!
(Yes, it's a Ginger Onsie! It screams Ginger doesn't it? Thanks Ging!)

Dana was dying seeing her in her little hat and overalls (;

She loved going out on the canoe. She would put her hand in the water and watch the water swoosh around it as we went. Always touching Mama of course.
Thank you Grandma and Grandpa for Letting us experience Heaven on Earth!