Friday, October 31, 2008

She's Walking!

Well, she's actually been walking for almost two weeks, but it's been a little tricky to keep track of things lately, so finally, I'm getting some shots up.
She is also saying a lot more words, Like Dana!!!! Nana, Papa, Baba - but still not Mama! Hmmm...

She still prefers to grab my hand and walk everywhere.
I like this one cause it shows off her cute pigtails!

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, November 1: I had one of the best Halloweens I've had in years yesterday! Now that I think of it, probably because I got to go Trick-or-treating for the first time in over a decade!I wasn't planning on doing anything, but the neighbor girls came over to visit and told me they weren't going to go trick-or-treating (they just moved here from Vietnam last year). So we figured out some simple costumes out and went to the neighborhood next to us together. It was adorable seeing their reaction the first time the went up to a door, said "Trick-Or-Treat" and were given Candy! They ran from door to door as I pushed/carried/walked along with Brooklyn. We even went up to a dozen or so homes - she was a big hit in her Lion costume of course (: Though everyone thought she was a boy (;

After the girls went home, I put Brooklyn to bed, then went over to my Saudi Arabian Neighbor's house! (I have such an international group in my complex eh!?)
She was having a sort of Women's group gathering where 12 or so women with their kids if they have them came to her place to just visit and eat. They were incredibly friendly and it was so interesting to talk to them! I am just so fascinated by that culture! I told them about how I'd spent a month or so in Riyadh and had even met some Princess and Princes there, so we hit it off well.
In fact, one of the girls and I talked a lot about religion and she is going to come to church with me in a few weeks! It will be interesting to walk into sacrament meeting with 2 or three women with Abayas on!
Anyway, they were asking me all about Halloween and the origins and stuff and I really know very little, but told them what I could, then I brought over a Huge pumpkin and they carved it! They thought Pumpkins were full of water and had no idea how to carve it, so it was fun to share a bit of our culture with them. We put candles in it and they had a blast taking pictures with it!
After travelling, and being treated so well by the locals of different countries, I know how nice it is to experience a new country and culture with a local. I'm glad I was able to share a bit of Halloween spirit with my new found friends here!

My Trunk-or Treat Entry: Brooklyn was the cutest little Lion at the Trunk-or-Treat/Chili cook-off at the church on Wednesday! Trey was in class, and is now off to Kansas for a football game, so he missed all the festivities and I decided not to get into it like I usually do. I like doing the family theme - we were going to do Wizard of Oz. Trey the Tin-man, Me Dorothy, then our little lion, but without Trey it would be lame. (;

Brooklyn's Best Friend here, Piper is basically obsessed with Elmo so of course she was Elmo for Halloween- They are SOOO cute together!
Can't wait to see your Halloween costumes!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Fall!

While the Fridays were in town, we went to the local U-Pick farm and picked our own pumpkins!

It was so fun having the Fridays come visit! Brooklyn and I miss you guys!

Brooklyn loves playing in the leaves outside our house - Ah, here is a great shot of her Daddy's hairline!

We finally put her swing up.

Just Too Cute!

More great photos of Utah!

OK, This was one of the highlights of our trip! Brooklyn was totally fascinated with Chica. In fact, she learned to say "Dog" in Utah! The funniest was when she realized that if she dropped food on the floor, chica would go and eat it. Whenever Chica would eat her food, she would laugh hysterically! SOOO CUTE! Chica is her new best friend. Now, whenever she sees or hears a dog she lights us and says "dou, dou, Dog!"

Monday, October 13, 2008

Disneyland and California - the grand Finale!

The whole day, I walked around saying, "I can't believe I"m here!" Disneyland is everything it's said to be! Especially with family. My cousin Brock and his wife Jen live in L.A. and my cousin, Erica was in town finding work - as a model (obviously). It was amazing to be altogether in the land of dreams! It was a perfect finally to my week and a half away.

It was like a dream!

We were on the Ferris Wheel with these two girls who flew in from Japan for 3 days to go to Disneyland! It made us feel kind of bad for just going for one afternoon!

This is in California Days, which is right next to Disneyland

It was helarious. We all wore Save the earth shirts! "Go Green", "Don't be Trashy, Recycle" and "Leave no Trace".

Brooklyn learned to say "Dog" this trip. Whenever she sees or hears a dog now she says "Dou, Dou, Dog!" It's adorable. She even started to walk like dogs after watching them so much!


Right after my mission reunion, I drove home, packed my bags and a few hours later flew out to San Diego, California to watch Trey play football against San Diego State University! Beth, Trey's sister and her 3 kids and husband all came out to pick Brooklyn and I up at the airport!
They even took us to In-N-Out before the game to welcome us to California!It was so fun to meet her and her family - for the first time! She is as wonderful as all the other Fridays I've met!
Dana and Glen came to the game - all Trey's teammates thought Dee was hot stuff(;

The very next week, Trey's parents and Logan came up to Valpo for the Homecoming game and they WON! It was an awesome game where Valpo won in overtime 35/29.

Our proud Valpo family!

We are so glad that they were able to come visit us and be there for that game!

Brooklyn was actually a great cheerer! She would get up on her knees and bounce up and down yelling "Daddaa!" and would clap and yell as loud as she could. As soon as the game was over and she saw Dadda, she jumped into his arms, A happy girl

Go Crusaders!