Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving in Georgia!

From the moment we arrived at DDaddy and Nana's Brooklyn was on cloud nine! 2 dogs, 2 cats and a whole lot of people to love on her!
More pictures and entries to come. For now, just enjoy the pics!

Go for a homer Mom!

The Annual Baseball game!

She LOVES that dog! She also was intrigued with her little second cousin (;

Brooklyn's first gardening lessons!

She loves spending time with her Daddy!

The weather and company was to die for! Thank you all for such wonderful memories, food and company!


My dear friend Rochelle and her three kids came down from Chicago for the day and we did Tye-dye! It was so fun-you can see Rochelle's hands bear the war wounds. We had such a fun time together - she is an incredible Mom and I'm so glad we are close by and get to see each other so often!

She got one of my wraps - so I'm using her as a promoter! Look how you can use them for all different agse and stages of kids!
I am selling them at a craft fair next month and via my Blog! So let me know if you want one!
Rochelle is wearing one with a front panel and a bottom hem. Cute eh! Almost as cute as her kids!


Yes I'm a Mom
Yes I've read Twighlight
and Yes I'm in Love with Edward!
(just don't tell my husband)
It's taken me a while to post this, but we were some of the first! Our book group re-read the book, then had a 4 hour party at my place before the midnight showing!

We are such geeks, we even made t-shirts!

Thanks Ladies for such a memorable night on the town!
P.S. I went into the movie knowing it would never compare to the movie, but I still got really into the movie and just loved re-living the book - though I think they could have done a lot better with the transitions!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Our trip to Ohio

One of my dearest friends in the whole world just had her THIRD baby, so Brooklyn and I dropped Judy off at the bus station, to head back to TN and drove to "come to the rescue". The fact is, Leah never needs rescuing as she is the most competent, organized, on top of it person I know, and I was just selfishly dying to hold her little gorgeous newborn baby girl in my arms and see and learn from my friend as mother extrodinaire!

It was actually a little rocky at first with Brooklyn adjusting - as well as Avery adjusting to having a littler friend touching all her things. "Mine!", followed by Brooklyn's cries filled the airwaves regularly those first days. By the end of the week, they were best of friends though.

I also had a bit of a rough time figuring how to help such a competent person. Soon we got all got into a routine though, where I got to get the girls ready in the morning and let Leah sleep an extra hour or so.

During the day we would go on outings, have "coloring contests", jump on the trampoline & play in the backyard, rake the leaves (and subsequently jump in them and scatter them back throughout the yard), play board games, read, and and paint. During which time Leah was able to sleep, relax, feed Aspen and get her list of things done.

A couple times I even got to do a night-time feeding. This was one of the highlights. I loved holding the precious month old darling in my arms and feeding her. I love feeding babies! I also loved playing with Avery and Brinley! They are astoundingly smart and happy little girls that I could never get enough of. They amazed me in every way.
Thanks for a great week Youngs!
See Leah's blog for more on our time there (and better pictures as my camera is on the brink!)

2 Trips to the Zoo and Judy's visit!

We went to the Zoo twice last week. It was so fun! I don't know how much Brooklyn cares for it, but I love the Zoo! Especially the Monkeys! I could watch them for hours. Chicago has an incredible Zoo, as good as any I've been to, and best of all, it's Free! So whenever we go into Chicago, I try to go, even for just an hour or so.

A few of friends from church and I went Monday. It was kind of crazy, and I think the highlight for the kids was the little puppy that came over to visit us as we sat outside to eat lunch before going into the Zoo! Maybe next time we can just pay someone to share their puppy with us and save 3 hours in the car with fussy kids!

I wish I'd gotten more photos of Brooklyn and her "Nai Nai". Our Zoo photos didn't work out. That one on the right is of them with the Hippo. We LOVED having her with us! I am soooo blessed to have the most wonderful in laws ever! Judy promised to come often while we are here and I'm holding her to that! We were all very spoiled while she was here - especially Brooklyn who got a whole new wardrobe (;

As Trey would say, it was "Balls to the Wall COLD" at the game last Saturday! Judy truly has a mother's heart and sat on the metal bench until Brooklyn and I arrived near half time. We put Brooklyn in her Tiger outfit because it's the only hat that she keeps on. Needless to say, she was a hit (;
She loves her Daddy!