Monday, December 15, 2008

The Clark Family Calendar, 2008

Merry Christmas Everyone!
Thank you for being such treasured Freinds and Family to us. You truly make our lives more wonderful!
I decided that I would send our greetings primarily via the blog. I figure Pictures tell a thousand words, so here are a few pictures that tell it all. Here are some of the many highlights of this past year.
January: We went to a Garth Brooks Concert and the Chattanooga Aquarium

February: We went to visit D-Daddy and Nana in Georgia and Brooklyn Grew!

March: My Parents and Sister Bree came out to visit us! We had a blast travelling between Nashville, Chattanooga and Georgia several times!

April: We went to Trey's cousin's wedding in Phillidelphia! Brooklyn flew about 6 times this year!

April: Paige and Brooklyn went to Ohio to visit our good friends the Youngs!

May: Paige loved having the key to an Olympic Size Swimming pool to herself at the School to use at any time. That and other perks like babysitters and all meals cooked for us!
White Water Rafting on the Acooe was also a highlight.

June: The Big Move! We moved close to Chicago, so we had fun exploring our new surroundings!

We also loved having family come see us!

July: More visitors and fun times at the Fair!

August: We went back to Osoyoos for another summer of bliss! This time Trey's brother Logan came along while Trey had to stay home and start school and Football!

September: The Popcorn festival with the Bryans and Brooklyn's 1st Birthday.

October: More visitors and Travel to Utah, California (even Disneyland!) and the Pumpkin Patch! Oh, and Brooklyn discovered Dogs!

November: We went back out to Ohio to visit the Youngs again after Leah had her 3rd(!) and then headed down to Tennessee and Georgia for Thanksgiving with the Fridays and Clarks.

December: We are now back in Snow White Utah with all the Harris family at my God-mother Gingers! We are only missing my sister Brianna who is on a mission in California, Spanish Speaking. My sister Brooke is home from a year plus in Norway with her husband and is 25 weeks pregnant! We have loved being with Family, seeing good friends and playing in the snow!

Have a Very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Brooklyn's Bathtime with Daddy

I have loved having Trey home more since Football ended!
Brooklyn does too! Especially because he gets to give her her baths - and he makes bath time a lot more fun than Mommy - as you can tell!

Notice the drawings on the walls!

Brooklyn loves using her bathtub crayons - unfortunatly she has learned that you can draw on walls - so we had our first lesson on "NO DRAWING ON the real WALLS!" Oops, sorry landlord! I'm trying to get the pencil crayon off the kitchen wall still - any suggestions?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I Miss Tennessee!

It is Soooo Cold here!

I don't know if I was just spoiled last year - it was seriously the best winter of my life. Southerners have got it made! The humid cold here though gets right to the bone in a way that I have never experienced! I have told people that live here this and they have just mercilessly said that it only gets worse! I don't know if I'm going to make it! Judy, I may bet moving in with you for the next 5 months!

We went out for a bit one day, the neighbor girls had more fun than Brooklyn - she was ready to go back in in about 5 minutes.