Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Huge News!

Horray! We are so excited! Trey got into the:
University of Chicago's Booth School of Business
MBA Program!

It is the number one program in the nation and I am sooo proud of him! He got the idea to apply, went there for a prospective student meeting the same week, got his application in the next week, interviewed the next and a month or so later found out he got in! It's been a whirlwind of change since he had the crazy idea of getting his MBA at a bigger school around here. When he decided to apply, he went in and told the Football coaches that he wasn't going to play the next year, pulled out of the Valpo MBA program and went full force toward his goal... and achieved it! He has an amazing way of getting things done - an amazing way of doing a lot of things actually.
Well, I thought we were finally going to stay in one place for more than a year of our marriage, but apparently that isn't in our cards for a while!
Trey needs to get a full time job in Chicago by January 2010. He is already working at getting one every free moment he has because the job market is crazy right now.

We went up for a prospective student meeting at the Gleacher Center - where Trey will be taking his classes and I was shocked by the location! It is next to the Trump tower a block over from Michigan avenue and overlooks the river and out to lake Michigan! It is on one of the most valuable real estate pieces in the city of Chicago!
He will be starting in September, but we will stay in Valpo. until he finishes his masters in Chinese. We will then move up to Chicago!
I am actually really excited about the change. It will be sad to leave all the wonderful people we have met here - but let's think about that later...
For now, we are keeping our ears out for any housing in Chicago that will be close to downtown and affordable (Very difficult I hear), and Trey is looking for a full time job in Chicago starting January 2010 when we move up there.
Lots of changes and lots of excitement!

Here is the most recent school ratings:

Sunday, February 1, 2009


Align CenterThere was a Chinese New Years Party at Trey's School so Brooklyn got to wear her QiPao!
She was the Hit of the Ball - Needless to say.

Thinking of all of our dear friends from our missions and Taiwan during this time of year!