Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Weekend Away!

Last weekend my dear friend Leah and I started a great new Tradition!
We meet half way in between our homes in Indianapolis
for a child free over night-er! She left her 3 kids with her super-man of a husband and I left Brooklyn with my Incredible Man. (Who informed me that they were going to have a blast without me, so not to worry - I didn't)

It was so much FUN!!
We shared lots of laughs - like when we realized that we booked a hotel which doubles as an active train station. As we were checking in, the person at the desk nonchalantly said to the lady ahead of us, "Just so you know, this is a working train station, so if you feel rumbling or hear the trains in the night, that is why" Just try to imagine the look we gave eachother when we heard that one! This is the view outside our room door:

It was still incredibly relaxing and revitalizing as we were able to do a lot of catching up without interruptions every 3 seconds - which is how it always is when we talk on the phone. Leah and I talked for hours on end and could talk for days on end if we had the time!
We swam in the pool and talked, sat in the hot tub and talked, ate at restaurants and talked, went shopping and talked and walked a bit in down town and Talked.
Leah gave me some make-up tips along with a little eye-brow shaping help (more Laughs!). I gave her a Reflexology treatment.
I wish I had some photos of the two of us, but I'm having some battery issues.
A Big Thanks! to our most fabulous husbands for talking care of the kiddies and helping us to rekindle our individuality!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Our Trip to New York.

Well, since this Blog is about Brooklyn, (All about her), I will start with how she fits in to it.
I was totally anxious about leaving her. Weeks and days before I thought about canceling it 'cause I couldn't imagine leave her for 3 full days! As we left her with Judy at the airport, a brief moment of panic hit, I nearly burst into tears, but controlled myself. Judy called soon after and told me she'd fallen asleep and I was completely at ease. An ease that stayed with me the whole trip! (The fact that she was with her beloved Nai Nai who I know would take perfect care of her helped that feeling come more readily!) Actually, by the end I worried I was too at ease! At one point during our trip, Trey turned to me and said "I feel kind of guilty! I don't really miss Brooklyn!" It was just soo nice to be able to go wherever we wanted, whenever with no baby complications! I agreed - though I did miss her a little! As we were coming home - I actually wondered if I really wanted to go back to changing diapers and being so responsible for a 1.5 year old again!
The moment I saw her though - as she reached out to me with her huge smile, I knew why I love being a mother so much! The joy that fills my entire being when I just look at my incredible daughter can never be found in travelling, good food or even Broadway!
Time away taught me that. Being away with Trey reminded me how lucky I am, how funny my husband is, how fun he is to spend time with! We just had a blast!

So here is what we did:

1. Arrived! (just one flight missed, but not too late getting in) Kevin and Amber drove up from Philadelphia to pick us up
2. Got a picture with Greg Allman of the Allman Brothers - funny story: I saw a bunch of people asking to take photos with him at the airport in Atlanta, so I told Trey he is someone famous. He didn't recognize him, but still wanted a picture with him. I was so embarrassed, but when I was about to take the photo of Trey with him, his manager and him insisted I get in. He asked if we were going to his show and we said we didn't know he was performing! He told us he was performing at the ______ for 15 days, so we looked up who was performing and then figured out who he was!
3. From the airport, we drove through/past Queens, Brooklyn and got the Grand Tour of Statin Island and even got the royal welcome of New York Pizza at Mama Ro's! (Kevin's Mom)
4. We then drove to the Manhattan Club where Kevin's Brother's Girlfriend's Boss had a timeshare and wasn't using that weekend! It's only a few minutes walk from Time Square, right downtown - It was incredible! One of the many things that made us why we could possibly be so lucky!
5. We walked down to Time Square - You've seen it so many times on TV, but it's mind boggling live! The many Character's there are also an eyeful!

6. Crashed - Trey and Kevin only for a few hours because 6am they were up to stand in line to get Saturday Night Live audience tickets. After about 2.5 hours in the morning and 2 more hours that evening, we didn't get in...

7. They came home and we all headed out to go to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island. We got one headset (rather than paying $8 per person) and I was the tour guide. We walked as I repeated everything the audio tape said. Funny, but very informative - at least for me! At Ellis Island, we even found Trey and Amber's Great Great Grandma's entry log into the U.S. from Ireland! It was so neat to have that connection while we were there!

8. We then watched these wild street performers. One jumped over Amber, me and 5 other girls leaning over!
9. We then walked over to Ground Zero. It is shocking how immense the space is that is now totally empty because of the attacks! This massive hole in the middle of the city that never ends!
9. We then met with my Long Lost Auntie Doni and her husband Don Gallinger (Author of "Master Planets"- check it out!). We went to a great Thai Restaurant and talked for 5 hours and still had more to talk about so we had Brunch the next morning! They lived in China a few years ago, are both authors and teachers and truly remarkable people! The time spent with them was definitely a huge highlight of our trip!

10. We met back up with Amber and Kevin and went over to Madison Square Gardens to watch a Nicks Game! Trey got a "Dirty Water Dog" before going in, a true New York Delicacy! It was so good, he then went for a Foot long hot dog at the game! We loved watching Nate Rob - our favorite player, but they choked - as the Nicks are know to do very well! (;

11. On the way to our hotel, I'd been eyeing this one deli with Cheese cake slices from heaven (or Hell, depending on how you look at it) But they were HUGE! We got one slice and it fed all four of us. It was $13 though and actually not that great. "Tourist Trap" we later learned.

12. We got another Pizza Pie (for the same price as our one piece of Cheesecake) and Really Good!
13. Slept In! An absolute luxury after over 500 days of baby schedule! Hmmm!
14. Amber and Kevin then dropped us off and we said our goodbyes, met up with Doni and Don for Brunch at the most awesome little restaurant that we need to recommend to everyone - Hudson Place If you are ever in New York! Go there! It's got a great atmosphere and good prices. The Brunch was awesome. It was great to be able to visit with Don and Doni one more time before they took the train back to New Jersey!
15. We then headed off on our own for the first time! Trey navigated us back to the Theater district where we watched the Matinee showing of WICKED!!!! It is truly as Awesome as everyone says! We loved loved loved it! I'm pretty sure it's my favorite Broadway so far!

16. It was so good we (mostly me, but Trey is a good sport) wanted more - so we went straight across the street and got standby tickets to "The Perfect Crime". Long story, but too fast and not very good - though we had just watched one of the best shows on the planet, so anything would have paled. This one just paled terribly!

17. After the plays we headed over to Trey's Aunt Marsha's! She lives right downtown Manhattan and it was so fun to see her and neat to see how New Yorkers really live! We even met a real life-long New Yorker at her place! (;
18. We crashed and slept like babies ready to hit the city for one more full day before heading home. We rode the ferry to Statin Island
19. Walked Wall Street
20. Went to a Abraham Lincoln Museum across from the Stock Market
21. Went to China Town - Trey ate 33 Sui Jiaos!(Dumplings) I wanted to find a rip-off purse but couldn't' find where the sell them. Anyone know?
22. Sat in on a Purgery Case at the Criminal Courthouse
23. Got a tour of Marsha's Office - and met her co-workers and Boss! It was just so cool to have the connection with Marsha there because we were able to see the backstage workings of the city - like seeing her office on the 28th (or so) floor - watching the hundreds of yellow taxis and walking people below!
24. Trey put a Ferrari on the credit card (in his dreams)
25. We went to Dinner at this really classy Vietnamese Restaurant with Marsha
26. Then as a final Hurrah - because of the book that Marsha lent us "Fromer's Guide to New York" If you are going to New York - get it! I used it hourly if not more during our whole stay it was so helpful! It clues you in to so many things you could never know as a tourist!
Things like how to get around, get discounted Broadway tickets and one of the best recommendations of all - "Birdland". This hidden secret where the Professional song writers and Broadway singers come and sing Karaoke! It is like being at a really classy private concert of all these incredible music artists! Good food and desserts too!
27. We crashed. I had a lofty goal to get up at 7 and go running to and around Central Park (Not around the whole thing..) But the bed was too comfy. I regret being so lazy now! We'll just have to come back I guess!...
Everything about the trip was incredibly wonderful. The weather, the people and the sites! Thanks to everyone that made it so!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Some of Her Favorite Things...

We have just had one of the most action packed spring breaks in History! I have been so excited to blog our adventures! This will have to be a precursor though. We got home this morning at around 3am. Still getting my bearings!

(to the tune of "My Favorite Things" of the 'Sound of Music')

Rain and not snow, and kisses from the "Doug"
Catchup with everything and fun in my Pot
Everything going my way or I pout,
These are a few of my favorite things

Chorus: When Mama and Dada leave,
When my nose runs,
When I'm feeling sad,
I simply remember my trip to the South
and then I don't feel so Bad....

Me in white dresses with blue satin sashes
(Nai Nai had about a dozen new outfits for me when I got to her house!)

Da-da who laughs when I'm in the water with splashes
No more Indiana winters, Finally spring
These are a few of my favorite things

My Nai Nai and Papa and Fun Uncle Didi,
Butter Beans and Animals at Nana and DDaddy's
Wagon rides and Escalator rides with all who adore me,
These are a few of my favorite things