Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blog Worthy

It's been almost a month since my last blog, but my excuse is quite reasonable.
For the next 3.5 months, Brooklyn and I will not be in one state or province for more than a two weeks. In the preparation for this, we sub-leased our apartment in Indiana (Thus had to pack everything and deep clean between the 5 days that we found our renters and left), tried to get everything in with our dear friends that were moving away, the Chandlers, Trey finished school, got food poisoning and we drove down to his parents in TN, where we are now.
But here are a few Blog-worthy events in our lives.GOODBYE CHANDLERS!
Our last park day with the Chandlers with the primary kids. Our amazing friends the Chandlers are off to more wonderful things in Texas. They will miss the 9.5 months of winter each year, the 2.5 months of humid torture, the COLD, the ICE on their car in the morning, the snow on their walks to shovel, the festivals, city, Y, and parks, but most of all, US! We will miss them more though. James was the coolest kid on the block, Elesi, the cutest, Michelle, the coolest, most awesome and talented Mom and friend. Farewell and THANK YOU for your love and friendship!

A Trip to Chicago!

6 parents, 5 kids under 4!

We took the train there and back.

Until Trey won Baseball tickets and we were down two Dads. 4 parents, 5 kids under 4
The kids were great, even though it was Freezing - yes it is MAY!

There were a few complications... like changing a new baby on the dirty streets outside a convenient store! And Children's extremities Freezing... But we made it. Next time lets not take the kids!
Boating on the River!

We love being with Family again! Especially Brooklyn! She is treated like an absolute Queen! Logan pushes her around in the doll stroller, she loves the food here, the animals, the attention - and LOVE! We all do. As soon as we arrived she started to list all the things she loves about this place - Dog, Mao Mao (Cat) Didi (Logan) Nai Nai (Judy) Papa and oh, did I say Nai Nai? When we got here she went into every room calling for Nai Nai, finding that she wasn't there she'd put her hands up like "Nope, not here!"

So, now we are off to GA, then to OK, then to DC and Maryland, then to WA and BC, Canada, then to ID, then down the west coast to, through OR and to CA. From there, who knows, we may be coming to visit you!
Meanwhile, Trey will be at his internship near DC!
It is going to be hard being away from Trey so much, we'll make the best of it though! (;