Monday, June 22, 2009

Maryland with Sariah and her Babies!

It has been incredible being here with my good friend and BYU roommate, Sariah! It was such a blessing that she lived near where Trey's internship is so we could spend time with him this summer. Since I'd be travelling so much this summer, Trey got a place with 3 roommates and Brooklyn and I have been sort of Vagabonds.
It worked out perfectly that I could come stay with Sariah while her husband was gone and before she left for Africa to meet up with her husband. Her 2.5 year old and 8 month old. were perfect playmates for Brooklyn. Sariah was the perfect company for me! She is brilliant, an incredible mother and a wonderful friend. Since we were both husbandless, it was nice to have eachother for company and help. We also had had a full week to talk and talk and catch up on the past 7- yes, 7 years since we were roomies.

I thought I would go into the city more, but we actually stayed around her place, went to the parks, and just let the kids play together a lot.

We did get to the Zoo though - the right picture is about 3 minutes after we left - The baby was also fast asleep next to Brooklyn.

We had every kind of food, from African, Moroccan, Indian, Chinese and even Japanese! Brooklyn and Josias worked on their chopstick skills. They also worked on their 'sharing skills'.

They were so sweet with the baby- though sometimes smothering! Brooklyn called Baby Olivia - Babi-a and after 2 weeks of them being gone, she would still ask for her daily.

Brooklyn tried to keep up. She did a pretty good job most of the time!

They had a blast with Trey when he would come on the weekends and some weekdays to visit!

It actually took a few days for Brooklyn and Josias to figure out how to share and get along, but by the end, they were best buddies!

It was so sad to say goodbye! We had had a treasured time though.
Due to their graciousness, I was able to stay at their place for a full 2 weeks while they were on holiday! I must admit, when Sariah left, I crashed! Having been in 9 states in about one month, I was totally exhausted!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Washington D.C with Trey

We are finally back with Trey! In fact, I went a week early, leaving Brooklyn with Judy for the weekend, so Trey and I could have a few days just the two of us.
I was crazy - that was the part where I went from Memphis, to Nashville, to Baltimore, to Washington, DC, to Nashville, to Oklahoma in a 5 day period!
It was totally worth the craziness though! We covered about 15 miles of DC, all on foot. Saw 4 museums, nearly all the monuments and even got in a play - "Shear Madness" It was fantastic - all of it!

There were so many awesome places we saw - my camera ran out of batteries a few hours into it, but it was fun.

On our way back to the airport, we went to this adorable town, Anapolis! It was awesome to be on the ocean again - even if it was just for a few hours.
Thanks again Judy, Fred and Logan for making it all possible!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oklahoma with Nat and Bella!

We have had an action filled 4 days with our friends Nat and Bella. Nat was one of my bridesmaids, I was one of hers, we were Badminton doubles partners when we were young, and later travelled to Costa Rica and Panama together after our freshman years in College! In fact, our Dads were friends in College, so we've known eachother forever basically. She came out to help me when Brooklyn was born, and 9 months later she had her gorgeous Ibella! It is an incredible friendship, that I am so grateful for!

It has been awesome seeing where she lives and finally meeting the most adorable 1 year old (Next week) in the universe! She looks at me and I just about melt! Bella is an incredible baby - Brooklyn especially is enamored with her. She wakes up asking for "Baby!" Though they have their moments of wanting the same toy, they are already good friends (;

We went to Nat's great Women's Bible study, and had lunch with some of the ladies after. I also got to go to the women's pregnancy center where she volunteers which was cool!

Nat showed me how to make HAIR-BOWS! So we made about 20 for Brooklyn with Nat's vast array of ribbon! You can imagine what Bella's Bow drawer looks like!
While making bows, we started reminiscing about our crazy times in Costa Rica. Thank goodness our girls sleep deep and Ben was out of town, because we probably could have woken up half the army barraks as we laughed and laughed. 1:30 am was the time we fnally foreced ourselves to go to sleep.

We went swimming and the girls played. Brooklyn called Bella "Baby" and Nat, "NAK", which I thought was cute (; Brooklyn would try to help and hug Bella, Bella wasn't so eager.

Our time together was full, but the last day kind of sums it all up! We started out with a hike...

We let the girls play in the water at the top. Then Brooklyn had a fit and wouldn't get into the backpack again so I had to carry her on my hip almost all the way down. I won't show any pictures of what the hike down looked like.

Then we drove over an hour to this hilarious Restaurant on this buffalo/long horned cow reservation where we ate at this 120 year old restaurant that has been featured in Bon Appetite and other food magazines "Meers".

It was worth the drive though! The burgers were OUT OF THIS WORLD!

The peach cobbler and home made ice-cream was too - obviously. Nat and I shared it, I promise!
After the hike I went to Nats HARD CORE Spin class that she TEACHES! I've been to quite a few spin classes, but this was the most awesome by far! Pushups, while biking, sprints basically the whole time, it was awesome! I was glad I got to go to 2 while I was there, even though she kicked my butt!

As you can probably tell, Nat is incredible and a going concern! It was so fun to see all that she is up to, get stalked up on my Mary Kay stuff (She is also a supplier-if anyone wants to make an order click HERE to go to her blog(: and reconnect with such a beloved friend.
Thanks for being such a great hostess Nat! Hope to reunite soon!
We're off to Washington D.C. now! BYE!