Friday, July 24, 2009


Brooklyn is in Heaven!

She gets to eat fresh fruit straight off the trees,

(Look how she's already asking for more before she even finishes stuffing her face with berries!)

She gets to run around naked all day

Ok, not all day, but she prefers to!

and has a dog to be her best friend!

Let me tell you, Life doesn't get much better for an almost-two-year-old!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

My Grandpa's 95th Brithday!

(looking good for 95 wouldn't you say!)

We are now in Canada! My Home and Native Land! It is so good to be home again! It was even better seeing (almost) all of my family together for my Grandpa's 95th Birthday! Vancouver was a perfect setting for a perfect reunion!

Actually, there were 7 Birthdays that were celebrated, the 95th just got precedence, though the 2nd birthday of Brody definately got a close second!

The now second cousins got along singingly. They were amazing. Brooklyn was a gem, especially concidering with the time chance, this was about 10pm for her!

Grandpa and his favorite Daugther- the angel that made the entire production possible!
Thank you Aunt Norma!

Someday I'll figure out my camera! For now, this gives an idea of what the party was like!

We had to split the Family into Boys and Girls because it is so big now! It is amazing to think that because of Grandpa, all these people are together now!

It's always a blast to get 'The Twins' together! Especially for my Dad when he got his braces off 2 weeks ago and is SO proud that he has straighter teeth than his Brother!

Dad and his straight smile!

Notice the cousins have matching dresses!

Lastly, our trip to Kitsilano Beach was the grand finale the next day. Man, I love Vancouver!

Chinese Ward

I just had to post these! They were just too cute!
While we were in D.C. area, we went to the Chinese Branch. It was so great to be amongst our chinese speaking loved ones again! It was especially fun to see Brooklyn with her newest friend!

Are they not the cutest thing you've ever seen!

Brooklyn has a fascination with buckles and insisted on buckling him in.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!

We hope you all had a fun Fourth of July!
Of course, Canada Day on July FIRST was also a VERY special occasion for us (:

These were taken in D.C. But we actually spent today in Fredricktown, where they didn't have so many people and more kid friendly activiities like a petting zoo and free Ice Cream!
Yesterday, one of Trey's Co-workers invited us to their place for a BBQ. They live on a horse and Corn farm that their parents own and Brooklyn had a blast playing with the other kids, playing with the dogs and she even got to ride a former racing horse (Well, sit on one) and pet a colt! Unfortunately I didn't have my camera); Brooklyn saw her first fireworks last night too! She loved it, some were a little overwhelming for her though, so she would dig her head into my lap sometimes.

Of course, Nai Nai got Brooklyn her 4th of July outfit with "I Love the USA" on her shirt!
We actually went to the Newseum that day. It is unbelievable, even with a 25 lb baby that won't let you put her down the entire time on your hip!

There was a BBQ competition right near us, so we got some ribs! Mmmm!