Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our Fall Activities

Here's a litte catch up blog to make up for my slacking in the past few weeks!

Trey had his 26th Birthday! Officially close to 30(; Also the torturous 2.5 months of Trey being 3 years younger than me officially ended, so definitely a time to celebrate! Brooklyn liked the balloons and candles!

We got out Apple picking again! Love this time of year. Lots of great fresh food at the farmers markets and yummy foods like Apples and Pumpkins to pick. I baught a bushel (apx 40 lbs) of apples so I've got to make more Apple pies!

We went up to Michigan with one of my friends and her adorable little girl. Brooklyn had fun practicing being a big sister (Though her 1 year old friend weighs more than her!)

Brooklyn is All about Animals right now. She exclaimes "Yang!" and "Zhu!" as often as Lamb and Pig - which makes me feel like at least she has learned some Chinese for all we've done.

At Home, Brooklyn finds many things to entertain her...

Wearing Mommy and Daddy's Shoes,

Finding her special places to pass her time,

Being a goof,

Doing crafts

And just being so darn cute she makes us want to squeal!

Trick or Treat! From our Little Stinker...

I LOVE Halloween! Especially now that I have a child! Seeing Brooklyn's face when she realized that all she had to do was hold out her bag and people would put candy in her bag was the funniest thing I've seen in a while! Absolute Joy! Also, just taking her around and letting people see how cute she is was a total thrill (;

We bundled up for the big night. She was pretty excited since she had learned what it was all about the night before at the Trunk or Treat/Chili Cookoff at the church last night.

For the Ward Activity, we did a bit of a theme - Trey was Bambi, I was Thumper and Brooklyn was the Skunk, 'Flower'. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera - so frustrating because the only reason I go to so much work for costumes like that is so I can Blog! Actually, the only reason I do anything is to blog (; j/k My friend got a few photos of the kids though...

Brooklyn and her buddies at church got together to share.

Here's a preview of one of the dozens of crafty things I've been doing lately...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Short Update

Hi, I want to thank everyone for your offers of support and comments. I have learned a lot and continue to work at making the best birth choices for the baby and myself. I have found a group here for parents that want to make Gentle Birth and Parenting Choices and have found a great Dula that I hope to use. I have also found a Doctor that used to be an at home mid-wife! It took a long time to put all the pieces together, but I think it will all work out!
I am doing Hypnobabies again and feel really good about the upcoming birth!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Trey's Website

Hey guys tell your husbands to check out Trey's new sports website that he and his friends put together. I think it's really funny but I don't understand half of it!

Check it out at:

Monday, October 12, 2009

Murder Mystery

We got a few friends together the other night for a delightful evening How to Host a Murder Party. It was the Chicago Caper one, so it was set in a Speakeasy in Chicago in the late 20s!

Perfect, considering our current location!

Everyone did a great job dressing up as their parts and the guys really got into their parts which made it hilarious!

Trey guessed the murderer (;

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Option for a Healthy Birth

I am not typically a big writer on my blog. I usually just post a few dozen photos of my adorable child and make little comments below. Well, I need some sort of outlet for all of my frustrations and thoughts and would love some feedback on them.
As many of you know, I ended up getting a C-section with Brooklyn after planning on a completely natural birth with the help of Hypnosis. That is a whole nother story, and I wont' go into it, but I learned a lot about the what I want and need to have a healthy delivery.
After extensive research into the process of birth, I know that it is possible for me to have a beautiful, natural birth and the things that that entails really aren't extreme and are in fact proven to be healthier choices for both me and my baby. (For our book group this month, we are reading "Gentle Birth Choices" by Barbara Harper, which is one of several books I have read on the topic and one that I would highly recommend - as well as the documenary "The Business of Being Born").
I want to be able to birth my baby in a quite, uninterrupted environment where I can move around and eat and drink as needed. I want to have the support I need from experienced women to birth my baby (as billions of women have done in the past.) I don't want an episiotomy, drugs, a Heplock nor constant Fetal Monitoring and when my baby is born, I want to be able to hold my baby immediately, skin to skin, perhaps let the baby do the Breast Crawl, not cut the umbilical chord until it has stopped pulsing, and hold my new baby boy for at least an hour before he is taken from me for routine exams.
Considering these are all very normal practices in the rest of the developed and even undeveloped world, this shouldn't be that difficult to get, but because of the crazy medical situation in America, it is!
According to the World Health Organization's recommendations on birth, "There is no evidence that a caesarean section is required after a previous transverse low segment caesarean section birth. Vaginal deliveries after caesarean should normally be encouraged wherever emergency surgical capacity is available." Yet, there is only one doctor's practice in my city that will perform them.
"There is no evidence that routine fetal monitoring during labour has a positive effect on the outcome of pregnancy." Yet there isn't a hospital that will agree not to do routine fetal montioring here!
"The healthy newborn must remain with the mother, wherever both their conditions permit it. No process of observation of the healthy newborn justifies a separation from the mother." Yet as soon as the baby is born, it is routine for babies to be whisked away from their mothers for vaccines, eye drops, cleaning and weighing before the mother gets the baby! It's crazy!
Let me clarify, I am not "ani-doctor" or "anti- hospital." I am thankful for the wise, sensitive doctors and hospitals and appreciate that there is a time and place that they are absolutely essential in the many births, but they are trained to do surgery, to deal with crisis, to intervene. A normal birth does not need intervention. Woman's bodies, with few exceptions are capable of creating and birthing healthy, normal babies. I know mine is.
Now, if I had had the birth that I envisioned with Brooklyn, finding a professional to work with me in having a birth like this would need some research, but would be quite a lot easier than what I am facing. However, because I had a C-section, I now need to find someone that will assist me in doing a Vaginal Birth After Cesarian (VBAC) and this is not an easy task. Because of fear of fear of litigation and high insurance costs, most practitioners will not assist in VBACs and insist that women continue to have C-Sections even though this is proven to be less healthy for the mother and baby.

Shocking Facts about Birth:
The U.S has the 32nd highest rate of infant mortality in the world and ranks 37th for quality of health care.
Over 90% of all babies in America are born with driugs from epidurals and inductions in their systems. ort of intervention.
It is proven that homebirths and births attended by midwives are just as safe, if not safer than hospital births (lower mortality rates and lower interventions that cause harm to baby and mother)
C-section rates are between 25 and 30% while the WHO recommends 10% rate normal.
20% of births are induced, 44% of those are because the doctor wanted to

On another line, it is SO frustrating trying to find medical providors that fit my needs because the information just isn't out there!
As the WHO recommends, "Information about birth practices in hospitals (rates of caesarean section etc.) should be given to the public served by the hospital." That same information should be given about Doctor's practices and statistics, but they are not and when a Mother wants to make an informed decision about which practicioner she wants to use to bring her baby into the world, it becomes a full time job!
Why can't we find a sheet that says things like:
Years in Practice
C-Section Rate
Epesiotomy Rate
Guidelines for pregnancies
Fees and what they include
Required routines during birth
Medical Philosophy
Schools and certifications
Birth Practices and Policies
Hospitals they work at

Unless I can get in and interview each doctor (Paying for a visit and having to change my insurance policy with each interview) it is extremely difficut to get all that information!

I am also insulted by how I am made, from the first visit to the doctor's office to feel powerless. 2.5 hours for a 20 minute visit with the doctor, left sitting in the waiting room, then the doctor's office for 45 minutes each and then for 20 minute intervals in between seeing the nurse and doctor or doctor and being able to leave makes me feel infuriated and mistreated.

Each doctor's visit frustrates me. I plan on talking to the doctor before I go to the doctor's office about what I envision for my birth, but don't even get a chance to tell them as they are so busy telling me how it works for them.

Ok, I'll stop there. From now on, I am going to focus on the positive points of birth!
I'd love to hear what you think!

It's a BOY!

After about 24 weeks of pregnancy, I finally went to the doctor for the first time! As expected, all is well with Mom and Baby. (More on my doctor issues in a later post). A few days later, we got our first Ultrasound and found Brooklyn is going to have a:Yes, for anyone that knows my family, the fact a boy actually comes from Harris loins is almost shocking! Between my Mother (5 girls, 1 boy) and sisters (3 out of 3 girls so far), this will be the second boy in 10 kids!
Sorry sisters and Brig, I have now given Mom and Dad their FIRST Grandchild and now, their FIRST Grandson, thus ranking me an easy #1 in the favorite child category! (;
It was really exciting to see Baby TJ's (Trey Junior's) little fingers, toes and face. He's a real kicker, was moving the whole time.