Saturday, January 23, 2010

Home Sweet Home

We have loved being home with all our good friends and our comfy beds!
Trey and Brooklyn made a fort that filled our entire living room -which is ridiculously huge!

Brooklyn has loved having so much Playtime with her Daddy!

I have loved having "Playtime" with my Valpo Girls! We've been sewing, crafting, doing a bookgroups and even playing Guitar Hero! So fun. Brooklyn and Piper have been reunited!

While we were gone, Brooklyn would have to sing "Happy Birthday" to Becca, her babysitter every day. She also had to pray for Sean and "brina" every night. She's happy to have them around again! We are too (;

Since we didn't have a Turkey last year, I decided to do a THanksgiving in January! Trey was in Heaven and it was fun having our friends Duane and Kelty down from Chicago and of course the Richardsons over to celebrate with!