Tuesday, March 30, 2010

4 Springtime Adventures

I have been terrible about photo taking lately, but looked at Natalie's blog and recommitted!
You will know at which point I recommitted...
Adventure #1: LIBRARY TIME!

Ok, so this is a bit of a lame "adventure" perhaps, but Hollie was sick last week, so I took Jack and Savannah to the library reading day near their house. This was my first time outside of my house being in charge of 4 kids (including Jude which may not count), so it felt like an adventure! They do really great ones out here. Brooklyn and I have gone every week since we got here. The library has crafts after Sotry time, and puzzles, blocks and other toys to play with all the time! We go a few times a week, but it was a lot more fun with friends! I also realized that having 4 kids isn't so bad - though stressful at times - when they are ages 8,4,2 and 0

Adventure #2: Hiking at the Canyon

Brooklyn loves hiking and the other day, after spending too much time indoors cause it was snowing, I decided to venture out. It was nice and sunny when we left, so I just tied Jude on me and wore my sweatshirt and put Brooklyn in her winter jacket, but with no hat or mitts. After about 45 minutes and luckily as we were halfway down, the temperature started to drop very rapidly and by the time we got to the car, we were in the midst of a full on blizzard! Scary to think we could have been at the top of our hike at that point! A fun adventure non-the-less!
Adventure #3: EASTER HUNT!

Tragically, we missed the actual hunt, but the preparation and excitement about the event and the activities after were enough fun.

Brooklyn is always in heaven with these kids around! I love watching the four of them run around together. Brooklyn always says "Come on Guys!" and "Hi Guys!" So cute!

They had Pictures with the Easter Bunny - it was a little chaotic, so I didn't get a shot with my own camera - and they had a helicopter land and let the kids look inside.

Adventure #4: A Drive to The Mountains!

Hollie took me on a tour of our new area - to the most incredible part!
We live only 15 minutes from the most incredible mountains and 2 great ski resorts!
Also, A river you can raft and a trout farm to take Brooklyn in the summer!
Utah just has so many fun things to do!
So glad spring has sprung!

Jude's 2 Month Stats and Stories

Jude has been such an easy baby that I feel bad I don't pay enough attention to him! He just fusses enough to tell me he wants to eat, sleep or get changed, then lets us get on with our busy days! But we sure adore him and Brooklyn is the best big sister I've ever seen!

Like Brooklyn, he is thriving on "Blueberry Milk" as Brooklyn calls it - OK, this blog is supposed to be about Jude, but I have to tell this quick story. The first day I came home from the hospital, Brooklyn watched as I nursed Jude and asked very curiously what I was doing! Trey, to my dismay said "Baby is drinking Mommy's Booby Milk!" Brooklyn then said "Mommy's Blueberry Milk?" relieved I said "Yes! Blueberry Milk" and so it stuck...
Anyway, we went to the Doctor yesterday and he is 13.1 pounds, 25 inches and head circumference 41.1 cm. That puts him in 95th percentile in Height and 80th in the other two.
He's getting the expected Clark Rolls and is the poster baby for the saying "Fat babies are Happy Babies"

In point form:
He loves to be in the wrap more than anywhere else
He loves his Big sister and any other attention
He fusses if he's left in a room by himself - already got the social genes working for him
He is a GREAT sleeper - sleeps 6 and sometimes 7 hours straight some nights (Brooklyn got to that at about age 1!)
He has a tough butt! From the beginning we have often left him too long in a diaper - but he's never gotten a rash (: Brooklyn wasn't so lucky
He is growing before our eyes! The newborn phase was too short!
He loves his "Sucker"/Binky and Brooklyn is always first to get it back in his mouth when he starts to fuss
He smiles most at Brooklyn and Trey
He's into Size 2 diapers and 3-6 month clothes already!
And consistently smiles and sometimes even giggles at us now!
We are so glad this Little Jude Bug is Ours to Keep!

Friday, March 19, 2010

We have arrived!

We have had a baby, moved, found a place to live, bought a new car and found new friends all in the past 6 weeks!
It has been wild, but wonderful. It has truly been amazing how everything has fallen together so well!

Our first week and a half we stayed in Utah, we stayed in the most amazing apartment with an incredible view of the mountains and more importantly THE COOLEST girls! We had origionally planned on getting a hotel room, but our awesome friend Nikki offered for us to take over her room (and king size bed) and room and insisted that she and her 2 roommates (Also friends from BYU Days) loved having all 4 of us there! They are all from big families and said they loved having a family and kids around. Brooklyn loved all the attention and I loved reconnecting with the girls. I cooked meals for them and Brooklyn colored pictures for them to pay rent (;

One of my oldest and dearest friends Kelly McBride came to visit us! She is like a sister to me and it is so fun to have her know my children! Speaking of Sisters... Vic lives only 45 minutes from me now and she has been down twice already! I can't wait for the many more weekends with Auntie Vic around!

Our good friends are in town from Indiana and Brooklyn is in HEAVEN! She asked every day about 20 times if her friends, Jack, Savanah, Charlie, Holie and John were coming over that day for about 2 weeks before they came! When she saw them she nearly peed herself she was so delighted! We have loved having them around!

Being back in Utah comes with a lot of perks, One of course being so close to dear friends and my God-Mother Ginger!!! My team mate from BYU Racquetball days, Eileen is in Provo with her growing family, so we got to see her and her month old baby the other day too!

We have such wonderful good old friends here, but we are SO excited about our new ones! Our second week in our new ward, Trey saw a friend of his from his freshman year - she is married with a 2.5 year old and 1 year old and is married to an awesome guy. We have hung out a dozen times already and have become fast friends! This is of the two girls at the local Children's museum that we got a pass to the first day here. We love it and go every week.

and finanlly, what everyone is waiting for - photos of Jude!
Typical of the second child, there are about a 100th of the amount of picture of him than of Brooklyn. Here are a few though. He is smiling now- hopefully I can have the camera around to catch a few soon!
Most of the time he is in my wrap though - and LOVES it! I call it "Baby Ambian" because he is asleep in about 30 seconds flat when I put him in it and won't wake until I take him out. In fact, I put him in it to go to church each week and he never stirs for the full 3 hours - making it nice that I don't have to change or nurse him during that time. I just LOVE MY WRAP! Everyone else does too - i get about 5 people that stop me every day tell me they like it or to ask where I got it.

Sorry this is such a random post - it's nearly midnight and I am a very sleep deprived Mom still!

My Grandpa Sevy

My Mom's Dad, Grandpa Sevy passed away tragically a few weeks ago and the funeral was this week. I made a blog for everyone to be able to write their stories and thoughts. This is what I wrote:
Grandpa Sevy was a huge part of our lives, especially our summers. My earliest childhood memories are mostly of our times in Osoyoos - with Grandpa throwing, catching or pulling me!
He is a part of me and made me who am I am. I think he stretched and pushed everyone who knew him to go a little deeper and challenge themselves. He had us kids jump off the garage roof into his arms from the time we were 3 or 4, he taught us all how to water ski (with help of Dad of course) and would bite our arms to the point of leaving his teeth marks in our flesh for at least a few minutes!
He pushed himself harder than he pushed anyone though. He memorized incredibly long poems and would recite them for anyone that would listen - which was most anyone because he was so animated and wonderful when performing! He exercised and competed in sports until the day before he passed! In fact, he won gold in the senior Olympic competitions down in Yuma every time he competed and just last summer he swam across the Osoyoos lake with us! And just a few months ago, he was picking Brooklyn (2.5 year old at about 27lbs) and throwing her up in the air and catching her! He was so good with kids! It was fun to be reminded of this as he spent time with Brooklyn and Hannah. They were fascinated by and gravitated to him. When Brooklyn was fussing one time, Grandpa pretended to cry in his dramatic kind of way and she stopped crying immediately because she was so confused!

He lived life to the fullest! The way he ate insane amounts of hot sauce on things - put Tabasco in his Ketchup bottles (that we would then put on our hot-dogs and burn our mouths off!) or eat onions like apples. His hugs were strong and large, his kisses on the cheek were bristly and long and the way he would say "I'm sure proud of you kid!" always made me feel like I was worth someone being proud of!

He had many loves in his life. First was always Grandma. Some of my favorite memories are of watching Grandpa and Grandma Dace and kiss. They were so sweet to each other whenever we were around. They were happy when we were around and we knew that. His love for his own Parents and brothers, his Kids and Grand kids - and now Great-Grand kids was always evident. He also had a passion for the Gospel, Freedom, America and Canada, Land, motor vehicles and politics(; He was always sure to share his testimony with us and encourage us to get into politics. I remember as early as 10, he was challenging my political views! I also remember him having his Jehovah Witness friends come over and have heated discussions with them about the Bible.
Oh! And he loved a good deal - like all-you-can-eat restaurants and cheap vehicles! At one point he had over 50 motor vehicles! He still has a fire-engine that he picked up for a good deal up on the ranch I think! Whenever I drove with him, he reminded me that you shouldn't have to use your brakes when you drive - you should just coast up to red-lights and stop signs until you come to a slow stop, then put on the gas (; His cars all had little secrets that you needed to know to start or operate them. He got the most out of everything - including his cars. Like Grandma said in the Obituary - he planned on living to 104 and in great shape until the end- I guess on the same philosophy.

He was a great example of healthy living, loving family, loving life and people and loving the Lord. Oh how the world will miss him. Oh how I miss him so much already!