Monday, April 26, 2010

Thank Goodness for Friends!

It was so sad to leave Valpo - but leaving wasn't quite so sad when they just came out to visit within a month of us moving! (And that I planned on going back to Indi for Women's Conference a few weeks later).
The Bingham family came out here for a wedding and to visit family - so we got to hang out with them for almost 3 weeks straight! It was SOO fun and Brooklyn as in heaven. "My friends coming over today Mom?" she would ask, then list all 5 of the Bingham family's names off. Jack would hold her hand and take her everywhere, Savanah would make up all the games and make sure everyone was included and Brooklyn - as well as the others would make sure Charlie was always happy. It was a sad day when they left!

To make things sweeter, days after the Binghams left us, the Richardsons came into town and Brooklyn and her best friend Piper were reunited (:

We also got to meet the newest addition to the Richardson Clan! 3 kids under 3 - GO NIKI!

Fun Times with the PHIPPS

Though we miss our old friends, we have found more and We are in LOVE all over again!
We have found incredible friends here who have made our lives wonderful all over again!
You know, finding great friends as a couple is actually almost harder than dating! You not only have to find someone that is compatible with you, but who married someone who is compatible with your spouse and who have kids in the same stages as you. We we have found it all here with the Phipps and we feel like we have fallen in love all over again (;
The first day we hung out, we stayed up till 2am talking - and then the same the next night. I usually spend a part of each day with Janelle and her girls, do FHEs and meals together often, and spend most of our weekends together!
Here are some of our latest adventures:

Trip to Ikea and the Aquarium - we both have passes(:

Weekly Excursions to the Children's Museum - We both have passes there too (:

Eating together (We eat together about 3 or 4 times a week)

Hair Cuts with the Girls (Brooklyn's first!)

And an Incredibly fun Trip down to ZION National Park!

The ride there was an adventure! We learned our new car comes in quite handy though - 4 carseats and 3 adults fit - almost comfortably and when the Phipp's car broke down, the guys sat on the hood of our car while they pushed the bumper with their feet! Ahh memories!

All four parents hiked with a kid on us! Janelle tried the Wrap for the first time and loved it!

The kids were in heaven all weekend - even slept well in the tents (Can't say the same for the adults - except Janelle's Mom who brought a Cot - brilliant!)

Zion is out of this world! Wish I had more photos but my battery died about 2 minute into the hike!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter 2010

This was the first holiday that Brooklyn really understood and got to participate in, so it was really fun! I kind of went overboard, taking her to 2 community Easter egg hunts and having two egg hunts at our place.

Yes, this is in April in Utah! Snow! It was kind of fun to have one last snow of the year though!
Didn't stop hundreds of people coming out for the community Easter Egg hunt!

Trey went to Boston and New York last weekend, so he wasn't here for the big day, so we just did another hunt for Brooklyn when he returned so he could watch her in action.

There are just so many cute photos! I had to post all of them (; Thank you DDaddy and Nana for the adorable Easter dress!

Auntie Vic came to spend the Easter and Conference weekend with us! It was SOOO fun having her!
Sorry Sisters, Vic has been working hard and is now Brooklyn's "Favorite Aunt!"

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Finally! Dana's Baby!

Introducing another adorable Harris Girl (;

Finally I got a picture of My Beautiful Sister and Her Gorgeous Baby Emmy!
They are so cute!