Saturday, May 15, 2010

Trey Ran a Marathon Today!

Trey had never run more than 3 miles consecutively in his life, but when his co-worker couldn't run the Marathon this weekend, he agreed to take his ticket and run it! Not only did he agree to - he actually did it!
Yes, he is thinking of renting crutches for the next week or so, but he finished!

This is what Trey looked like at the end:

Pretty good until you see him walk!
I don't know if I will ever run a marathon after 2 knee reconstructions, but I needed almost as much physical and emotional endurance...
Brooklyn was so excited to go "Catch Daddy" and this morning when we were saying prayer over breakfast, she asked to bless Daddy to 'keep running'. So cute!
It was a beautiful day, so I just walked down to the end of the race with the kids in the stroller. When we got there, I tied Jude Bug on me and Brooklyn excitedly watched the runners come in. After about an hour Brooklyn started to get bored said "I need to go potty". I didn't take her seriously the first time, but after putting her off for 20 minutes or so I caved - navigating the crowd and finding the toilets took just the right amount of time to MISS TREY Coming in! I was so sad as I was so excited to see his face as he crossed the finish line! When I saw I missed his call, I just stood and cried as I scanned the crowd again and again for him! The worst was when we got the to the bathroom, Brooklyn said she didn't have to go!!! I made her.
Then, Jude exploded in his pants and i ended up just stripping him down to nothing and strapping him on me to walk home with him, just praying he wouldn't pee all over me.
Oh the motherhood moments that someday we will look back on and laugh at.

It was a long day for everyone!

Visit from the Family!

My Dad and 2 sister came to visit us last week!
It was SOOOO fun - unfortunately I didn't document the trip very well, but here are the few pictures that I did get:

I tried my best to give my Dad a good Utah experience -so we went hiking, went Rock Climbing, Drove over to the lake and ski resort, played Tennis Several times, and ate great food!

The First night they were all here, we had a Cinco de Mayo Party with some friends. Brooklyn and I had made a Pinata - it was my first time in about 20 years, so I put a few too many layers on. It took all of us hitting it with the racquetball racket - and actually breaking the racket before the guys started pitching it like a baseball for it to break! Good times ):

The Phipps went ALL OUT dressing up and everything!
Next month - June 16 - Dragon Boat Festival! We are going to make Chinese dumplings and make boats out of watermelon and race them down the river!

It is just so nice to have family around! They all raced off to go to Vancouver for my Dad Dad's Funeral - he passed away on Sunday at age 95.

The funeral was today. Sad that I could not go up for it. He was an amazing example of goodness and love.

Friday, May 14, 2010

My Baby is Getting Too Big!

It's so sad when you have to put away the adorable little clothes!

Jude is officially in 6 month clothes.
He fits 9 months because I have started using CLOTH DIAPERS and they fill out the clothes a lot more too.
I'm so sad!