Thursday, June 24, 2010

Best Cookbook I've ever found!

My dear Friend Rochelle sent me this cookbook, Mexican Everyday by Rick Bayless
The first week I had it, I cooked every day out of it - and a couple times a week at least since.
It is full of healthy - whole food - delicious recipes! I still have not found one that I don't absolutely LOVE!

I just had to pass on a good thing when I found it!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sisters/Cousin Reunion in Cali!

Trey had to go to DC for training for 2 weeks so I took the two kids down to meet their cousin Emmy! Dana, Glen and Ashawn hadn't met Jude either.

We were having so much fun, that Brooke just Had to join us - so she spent the last 3 days with us! She made the trip PERFECT!

We have decided we are the perfect team. Dana would prefer to take care of the kids while I cook and Brooke is super organizer/motivator woman, so between the three of us, the kids were well taken care of, we ate well and we got some major projects done!

The very first time Jude and Emmy were put together, they reached out and held each other's hands! it was so cute seeing them together! They are going to be best friends!

We tried for about 10 minutes to get the perfect shot of Jude's Drool (: Gotta love having baby slobber all over you all day!

Dana took some photos of Brooklyn and I while we were there.

Thanks Dana and Glen for having us - and thanks AShawn for being such a good friend to Brooklyn! We love you all!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Jude's 4 Month Stats

Wight: 17.10 Lb. 87th Percentile
Height: 27 Inches 94th Percentile
Head Circumference: 44cm 93rd Percentile
Fat Roll Count: 17 (Still way less than his sister at this age!)
Drool Level: Constant

Amazed at the World: Always

Smile Frequency: On Demand

Laugh Frequency: If worked for
Sleep Frequency: A lot but not enough for Mommy (;

Babble Frequency: Often
Cuddle Frequency: Preciously with anyone
Adorableness Level: The highest