Monday, October 25, 2010

Washington D.C.

So I am finally getting around to catching up on the blog!
My excuse for not blogging for months is that life has been insane - don't we all have that excuse though? Here is a brief description of mine though. Blogs to come.
October 10th, Trey left for DC and I had a few days to get everything together for 3 weeks away. I decided to bottle a dozen or so bottles of Grapejuice, throw a dinner party etc. But soon we were off.
We spent 11 amazing days in DC with our INCREDIBLE friends the Boeys. They were so hospitable and fun! (Adding to the fun and craziness of it all, My Sister Brooke and her family just happened to be there at the same time, and my BYU roommate Sariah and BFF from Childhood Kelly both live there) (SEE BLOG)

Straight from D.C., we went to Georgia for 5 days to visit Trey's Grandparents. It was amazing and I will blog soon about that! Spent Halloween there
As soon as I got home, my dear companion from Taiwan was in town, so I met up with her and 2 of my other companions, then my friend Michelle came in from Texas and stayed for a few days. Unfortunately her son was sick with a stomach bug while they were here, but it was so good to reconnect with her and she helped me pull my life/house together for a family of 5 from Taiwan to come and stay for 2 weeks! I dropped her off and went straight to pick our Xu family up!
We took them all over Utah (and had some help from 2 other RM elders they knew) and then as a grand finale, we took them to Vegas for a day, then down to S Cali to Disneyland!
I dropped them off, stayed a day with my sister and drove home to make in for Thanksgiving (Barely- getting in at 6am that day!) (Trey had driven home two days before)
Since then, we have been getting ready for Christmas - and in fact having Christmas (Santa came early this year) because Trey is gone for 6 weeks.
Unfortunately, through the entire time (till we got back from California), Jude was getting up between 3 and 10 times each night to nurse! (as we were all sleeping in the same room). Napping was off as well and so I was the most sleep deprived I have ever been in my life.
It is all really a blur really!
Wish I could have blogged all along the way, but I will try to catch up best I can.
Here is a bit better description of our time in DC.

Our first day, we headed right downtown to meet up with Brookie, Hannah and her amazing friends! I Love D.C.! It is such an amazing city! Almost all the museums are free and really kid friendly!

Trip to the Building Museum Downtown was so fun, but I thought I was well prepared with 2 outfits for Jude, but by the third blowout, we had to resort to the Halloween costume I had brought to give Brooke for Hannah (:

We met up with Brooke, Sariah and Rebecca and their families and took a trip to Mt. Vernon.

The day at Mt. Vernon was cold and crazy with 7 kids under 4(: Unfortunately the next day, 9 out of 16 got a really bad stomach flu!

Brooke's friend Rebecca is amazing! She was so much fun to get to know - we went to the city a couple times after Brooke left - and met up with Sariah to nurse her back to health
Made some rice Krispy ghosts)
We also got to see Kel - A friend I have had since I was 6months old! She is an amazing Social worker out in DC right now and it was so good to see her!

Butterfly Gardens, Dinosaurs, Lifesized whales... The Natural History museum is amazing!

We went to a really neat Belgian dance performance for kids with Rebecca! It was awesome.

NOW for the great photos that Cristina took while we were there!
She has a great camera and an incredible eye for photography. It's like we had a professional photographer documenting our trip for us! So fun.

We went to a Pumpkin patch with the Boeys - and had some intense races(:

Brooklyn was hilarious in the corn maze - dancing and leading the way around each corner. She is at such an adorable age!

He is so cute!

She is too(:

She is really into stuffed animals and dolls and carts and her own little world right now.

Wish I could post every photo in this series! They are all sooooo cute! Shows Brooklyn's hilarious personality.

She got really comfy with the camera being on her all the time(: You should see the series of 20 shots we took of her on that step - each click of the camera she was in another position!

Brooklyn is definitely dramatic! She can pull out those tears for just about anything she wants/or doesn't get(: Most of the time she's happy and wonderful though!

Like a grand finale, we all dressed up as (Hopefully you've guessed by now) Oz characters and went to the ward Trunk or Treat (: