Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to All!

We love this season! It is so full of Joy and Celebration and it is a time to say thank you to everyone that has made your life better. So first of all, Thank You!
Here is a quick summary of 2011 in the life of the Clarks. You can look at older posts to see pictures of most of the things mentioned here.

January: Jude turned one and Paige got to go skiing on the best snow on earth while we still lived in Utah!
February: We loved having Paige's sisters Vic and Bree around a lot, as well as so many good friends that would frequent the Clark home.
March: Trey and Paige went on a cruise - the best vacation of their lives (:
April: Hiking and enjoying Utah and visiting DDaddy and Nana in Georgia were the highlights of April.
May: Paige's Sister Brianna got married (To the most wonderful guy, Christopher Rowland) See thier blog HERE. Paige and the kids stayed up in Canada while Trey had "Bronanza" and moved all our stuff out to Chicago.
June: Suprise! We found out we were going to have Baby #3 and Trey re-started School in the University of Chicago's MBA program.
July: Paige and the kids spent the Summer in Osoyoos with the kids and then drove down the entire west coast with preggo sister Dana to get certified as a Hypnobabies instructor.
August: Trey got a job with Morningstar
September: Brooklyn turned 4 and Trey organized a suprise 30th Birthday extravaganza for Paige, where 7 of her closest friends flew in to have a girl's weekend in Chicago! It was amazing.
October: We went out to visit DDaddy and Nana in Georgia and spent Halloween with Rochelle, my dear childhood friend.
November: We took a trip to see our friends the Gooches in Detroit and Paige got the family calender and Christmas cards made!
December: Fred and Logan will be joining us for Christmas in Chicago.

There are a few huge changes happening in our lives in the next few months, so please stay posted!
All our Love during this holiday season!
Love the Clarks

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Maternity Shots

Since we are so far from home, my family often forgets I'm totally pregnant when talking with me. Here you can see just how preggo I am (:
My good friend, Jenna (Jennacole.com) offered to take some maternity pictures! I've never done them for my other pregnancies, and it was really fun.
She's an amazing photographer and they all turned out great... here are a few.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween 2001!

Having kids gives you unique opportunities to relive your childhood! Halloween is definitely one of those times! Especially this year with Brooklyn in Trey's childhood costume and going trick or treating with my friend who I trick or treated with when I was a kid! What a trip/ck it was to watch as our kids did the exact thing we did together when we were that age!
Brooklyn and Trey in Matching Cotumes - same age! 28 years later!
Rochelle's kids are absolutely adorable! Brooklyn and Jude were on cloud nine running from house to house with the whole troop of characters! Rochelle also has a newborn - Liam who was born at 27 weeks but is now 4 months old and a whopping 8 pounds! (Wish I had taken a picture!)
Brooklyn and Jude were Bats. Jude thought saying 'Trick or Treat' meant "open this for me please!" so he would go and get the candy and the door and then give it to me and say "Tick o teat!" and refuse to go any further till I gave him some candy! He has a runny nose today...
Watching all 6 kids run up to each door and say "Trick or Treat" in Unison was hilarious!
How cute are they!
Halloween day we had preschool at my place so the kids dressed up and we decorated cookies and went to the downstairs bouncy gym they have in our apartment 3 mornings per week.

Fall Adventures in the Windy City

October has been a busy month of weekly trips to local attractions, a trip to Detroit and Valparaiso and preschool at our house!
The Brookfield Zoo is really impressive, especially the Dolphin show - where we got splashed (:

Jude figured out fast what he liked best about his first football game (:
We went back to Valpo for one of their football games. It's the last season Trey will know some of the guys from the team.
Our trip to Detroit was part of the 28th Birthday Celebrations for Trey.
Jude has started saying sentances like "I LOVE YOU" and repeating back what we say which is really fun! He's got a huge knock on his head and a runny nose, makes a mess all day, wakes up at 5:30 every morning and likes to be Naked all the time but he is just SOOO CUTE it's almost unbearable!
Trey and I went on a date on a sailing ship before it started to get too cold. It was neat seeing the city from the water! It is such an incredible place to live!
The Lincoln Park Zoo is free every day...we went with our preschool group and the kids had fun.
And of course Fall adventures wouldn't be complete without Halloween! Brooklyn's costume is from when Trey was a little boy!

Detroit with the Gooches!

We went out to see our wonderful friends from BYU, the Gooches.
I can't believe it has been 4 years since we saw them last, but it was such a dream come true to get our adorable kids together and hang out with them!
Trey and Dave went to a Football game together, we explored a bit, but most of all, just enjoyed hanging out like the "old days" and let the kids love and enjoy the the space and outdoor trampoline and playground!
The Gooch and Clark Family back in 2005 and..... Us Now!
Heather and I are both expecting our Third babies 6 weeks apart - Our other two are less than 3 months apart.
The kids were instant friends...I knew they would be!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tennessee and Georgia

Leaving home at 5am, flying to Nashville, waiting at the airport for 2 hours, then taking a 2 hour shuttle to Chattanooga, spending a night and taking a 2 hour shuttle to Atlanta, having dinner with Phil, Jen and Hayden and driving 1 more hour to finally get to our destination was all worth it!
We had a great day and a half with Papa and Didi, and of course a Heavenly time with DDaddy, Nana and family!
Butterbean Harvest was in full force again! DDaddy sat and shelled and Trey, Nanna, Jeff and I were the Harvesters!
Brooklyn learned to Drive this trip - both the Wagon while Jude sat in it and her own size car - though she wasn't so good at lookin' where she was going and ran into something! Scared us enough to resolve not to ever get her one of those! (:

There's always plenty to play with at DDaddy and Nanna's. The pink doll was the favorite this time though - for both Brooklyn and Jude!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Brooklyn's Fourth Birthday!

Color Explosion was the Theme for Brooklyn's Birthday this year and we went all out again (:

Did you know there’s a treasure at the end of each rainbow?
Today you can find it if you search high and low!

Follow the clues to the pot of Gold, But don’t listen to that Leprechaun or You’ll be fooled!
To find a rainbow, we must know our colors
What comes first in the rainbow? Must you ask your Mothers?
RED Red’s our first color, it’s so much funWhat’s red and yummy over there? WATERMELON! That’s right, you had better go run!Now your tummies full and you can run!
But first fix this puzzle, it’s all undone!
ON THE BACK: Run to the Orange Balloon!Sticky hand on the bench

This sticky hand is really tricky, see what color you get but get there quickly!
The leprechaun is faster than two, don’t let him get you or he’ll tickle you!

Brooklyn loves the game of tennis,with these balls, we could be a menace! The Leprechaun is right around here, Pick up some balls, and lets hit his rear!!!

If these balls are yellow and we’re following our rainbow theme, What’s our next color? It must be ….... GREEN!Who sees the green balloon I think I do Run and see what’s there, but only take a few! GRAPES

What letter does Bubble start with? That’s the clue Now what COLOR starts with B? That’s right BLUE! FOLLOW THE BUBBLES! Who likes bubbles? What color are they? They’ve got all the colors! The whole arrayof colors and fun, so dance around, cause soon we’ll turn off the soundWhen the music stops, everyone freeze, the winners all will get a prize! NECKLACES
Why did we run around so long? Finding clues to lead us to the end of a song? No! A rainbow, you’re right! A treasure fairIf we find the last color, it will lead us there! What is the last color of the rainbow? A Purple caped Leprechaun is running alone -Chase him now and you’ll find his home!!

My friends took more photos, but I haven't gotten them yet.
Good times... wish everyone could have been there!
Binghams, thanks for coming all the way out from Valparaiso!