Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Christmas with the Harris Clan

I am having a hard time catching up on my blogging, so this will be another quick one:

We spent Christmas in Southern California this year. My entire family - my parents, all 6 siblings, husbands and cousins were there for the big Harris harrah. Luckily my sister has a 7 bedroom house and large kitchen (:
We had a blast playing tennis, picking pomegranits, oranges and other citrus, olives and avocados and even made it over the the LA temple for a few days!

I depended on my sisters to take photos and then didnt' get all the photos - so till then, here are the only photos I have.

We got our yearly 30 pound package of penuts as well as a half dozen other generous packages from DDaddy this Christmas (: Ddaddy even sent 2 packages to California for my family - a major highlight of the season - especially the fresh pecans!

On the home front, they had a Christmas village and free tours with Mrs Claus that we cashed in on. Brooklyn sat on 3 different Santa's knees, met Santa's Raindeer and Mrs Claus this Christmas.

We loved having Vic, Bree and Christopher to keep us company and help us make our cookie plates to give our friends.

Craft time with the Phipps was another holiday memory

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our Taiwanese Family!

Finally - for our adventures with the Xu Family!
(There is SO much to tell about - but I am just so behind in my blogging, again I will use short hand and hopefully the pictures will speak for themselves!)

Carved Pumpkins, though a couple weeks later than most people

We went hiking up the canyon near our house. They had never seen snow before coming here!

They loved the fall leaves! -and raking my backyard (:

Trey got tickets for everyone to watch the Jazz! They loved chanting "DE-FENSE!"

We went to a local craft fair and car show

We went to the Children's Museum

Made Sugar Cookies and decorated them (they don't use ovens or bake in Taiwan)

Candy, Kevin, Trey and another missionary that taught them went to the SLC Temple for a session. I watched the 5 kids. Thank goodness for the Sister missionaries that helped me for about 1/2 hour of the 3 hours! They gave us a little tour. Not an experience I'd want to repeat, but worth it.

They Loved DI! Candy got a ton of church paraphernalia to take home to her primary and for her home (:

We went up to Snow Basin Ski Resort. It wasn't open yet, but they just started hiking up the mountain when we got there. Got to the top of the first lift and played in the snow for a couple hours! They loved it. They were such great sports about everything!

One of the highlights was the last night we had in Utah, Candy cooked an amazing Taiwanese feast for Victoria's Birthday. It included all the Taiwanese traditions like Long Noodles for long life, cracking red eggs on the birthday person's forehead and best of all - Chicken feet!
I made the cake.

The True Grand Finale was of course Disneyland!

Needless to say it was amazing and SO fun. They are an incredible family who we love and miss so much already! We are so glad they got to come and that we could share a part of our world as they and the Taiwanese did so generously when we were there.