Saturday, February 19, 2011

Huge Developments in the Clark Family!

One of the greatest parenting experiences thus far as a Mother has been teaching Brooklyn to Ski! She was amazing! I didn't even think she would keep the boots on, but by the third run, she said she wanted to go down on her own! (I used one of my baby wraps as a kind of leash at first - wrapping it around her belly and easing her down the mountain). After three times down the slope, she was on her own, getting on and off the conveyor belt and going down on her own by the end! It was amazing - a complete thrill! Can't wait to get her back on the slopes (:

The other huge development is Jude is walking! He walked (more than 2 or 3 steps) on Valentines - 10 steps! He then took a couple more days to get the hang of it, but he's walkin' all over now and it is SOOO cute!
I took this a few days ago, now he's really getting around.

Fun with DiDi

Uncle Logan/Did came to visit us (Trey's little brother) and it was so fun!

I got to go to Powder Mountain with Logan for a whole day of skiing! It was so fun - he's an awesome skiier (: He skiied on his own on Wolf Mtn for the first two days - and he helped teach Brooklyn to Ski!

He was a great helper with Valentines Preschool, and even wearing my friend's newborn that I got to babysit one evening!

We miss you Didi!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


We have tons of news to share
the first of which is I'm going to become a Hypnobabies Instructer!
I go to training in July in Cyprus California and am SO excited!
See HERE to read about what Hypnobabies is(:

Power of Moms and The Round Table

A really neat lady just moved into my ward who founded
The Power of Moms - an INCREDIBLE TOOL for Moms - please check it out!
But on through her blog, I found another things she is involved in - a podcast - another thing I LOVE as a Mom as I can listen and learn and do my mundane tasks(:
The Round Table.
One lady talked about her difficulty adjusting to Motherhood - and I just thought I'd copy and paste a comment I made - would love any comments or thoughts you have!

I totally relate to the comment about not loving Motherhood at first! And the message we get as women in the church. Yes, I felt amazed at how much I loved my child, but going from being a full time student, athlete, job, social life and always being told I could do and become anything, then having a baby and feeling like I should be happy and content changing diapers and nursing all day just didn't seem right. I think this is a different time in history where we as women are told we can become anything and to strive through education and training to do that, yet as soon as we get married and have kids, are told that we should "stay home" and devote the rest of our lives to our kids and husbands. I have since learned that my way of being a "Stay-at-home Mom" is not staying home at all, but going out at every chance I can and holding on to who I was and what I liked before I become "Mom" as hard as I possibly can so that I can be someone that I like at the end of all this, and can serve my children and husband better.

Another thing I was thinking about lately as I am on my rampage - is how my ideal Mothering situation would be to get up, go over to my friends house - or ideally sisters (: - or she comes over to mine) and we spend the day together - learning from each other, letting our kids play together, cooking and cleaning together, watching each other's kids while we run a few errands, then going home when our husbands come home - or 1/2 hour earlier to make dinner and spend the evening as a family unit
Anyone want to join me?

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Jude Turns 1!

Jude had his 1st Birthday Yesterday! We went all out with a big party and Football Theme (:

Jude and Brooklyn's favorite babysitter (Who moved here from Valparaiso soon after us!) and her parents who we LOVE, as well as my Mission companion who was in town from Taiwan and some students and our new friends (The woman who baptized my companion 16 years ago!) came to celebrate with us. 4 other of our friends came - but weren't in the photo.

I asked Trey what kind of cake I should make and he said "Definitely a football!" So I went with it (: Jude's favorite toys are balls - footballs, tennis balls, racquetballs, oranges.... He was just born with this fascination with them. So this was a good summery of his first year I guess.
I made oreo balls, then coated them with brown and white chocolate to make mini footballs to go along with the cake.
Trey got him his first football for his birthday (:

Here's a bit of a summary of our Jude-bug so far:

A little mischief Maker


A very cool dude - who loves to be carried by Mommy

Funny face Maker (:

Tongue artist


An outdoors man - he is always happiest outside and makes a fuss if I ever bring him inside. When inside, his favorite past time is standing out the window, watching the world go by.

Loves his Grandpas

Little Daredevil

Loves his Daddy and Sister

Is the Big Man! Still 90th percentile in everything (But weight - we have some issues with him wanting anything other than Mommy's Milk!)

We have come so far...