Sunday, July 3, 2011

An Explanation and Announcement!

If you are reading this, you are a true friend, as most people I'm sure have given up on this blog! I have a few excuses, but this explains it best...
We are on a cross-continental tour, on my way to a new home in Chicago, currently in week 8 of it. In May, I left our home in Utah for good with our two kids to go up to Calgary, Canada for my sister's wedding. My husband came with us, but went back and packed up the house while I stayed with the kids and visited Calgary and all my loved ones there for a while. (While we were there my Dad got a blood clott and all my family was sick ):
Trey joined up with us for a bit in Idaho at my sister Brooke's a few weeks later and now I am back up in Canada, in Osoyoos B.C. for a few weeks until I come down to a training course for Hypnobabies on July 15th (My 30th Birthday!) and finally fly "home" to Chicago. All together I think the trip is 2875 miles of driving and a total of 4900 miles travel in 2.5 months with a 1.5 year old and 3.5 year old. My dear pregnant sister and her 1.5 year old is with us throughout this whole journey!
I was actually looking forward to this little gallivant around the continent, but about 3 weeks into the trip I realized I was pregnant - a complete shock! (in fact, I had come to terms with the idea of stopping, and accepting our balanced family of four as perfect!)
I had about 3 weeks to wrap my head around it and then the nausea set in so bad I don't know what hit me! It is worse than any of my other pregnancies and I'm beside myself!
I have tried hypnosis, vitamins, eating regularly, sleeping more and have found little relief! I just can't seem to find energy or health that I need to function properly! I have never felt weaker in my life! Well, other than when I had typhoid in Indonesia!
Honestly eating and drinking is so nauseating, I feel like I would prefer to just be connected to an IV! Now, I hate needles and hospitals more than anyone I know, but that is how sick I am! Any suggestions?
In any case, thanks for reading and following and sorry I didn't' get to tell you in person.
Love to all,

Brianna and Christopher's Wedding!

Trey with us in Moscow, ID

Us here in Osoyoos
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