Thursday, August 25, 2011

Am I “serving time” instead of serving my family?

I just read a great article, among the many on about Priorities (Power of the Month Moms!) and I loved the line: 'Am I “serving time” instead of serving my family?' because that is the question in my head - I just didn't put it so well! I feel like I'm serving time some days! Watching the clock desperately for the 6:30 mark where I can start getting the kids to bed, (yet somehow not getting them to bed till 8:30 - and i'm not even preparing anything more than cheese and meat or bread and peanut butter for dinner!
I am honestly praying that the day nausea ends will come very very soon because I am ready to quit. This is the one job on the planet that you CAN'T quit though, so I just have to hope and pray and know I can't quit but ward God that I will really try if something isn't done about this!
It has been the longest 3 months of my life and every day seems like an eternity and every task is just that much harder, takes longer and - wait, even if I wasn't totally nauseated that would be the case! I have a 1.5 year old! (terror by the way!)
Wish I had the energy to list all of his Terrible ways - throwing everything in the toilet - well tonight was the brand new roll of TP into the bath, but usually it's the toilet. He always walks the exact opposite direction that we are going and refuses to hold my hand - another real pet peeve. He is SOOOO cute though - his one redeeming quality
Anyway, a late night rant by Paige.
Here is a GREAT article my friend Janelle put on her blog wherearemymaryjanes an awesome resource for activities to do with your kids!:
Sorry if you can't read it - just go HERE

Monday, August 22, 2011

Awesome Resource and Deal!

I love the website:

It is run by Richard and Linda Eyres. They are the founders of Joy School if you are familiar with that.

I met them while I lived in Utah and they absolutely amazing people.

In any case, they have recently written a book called:

The Entitlement Trap: How to Rescue Your Child with a New Family System of Choosing, Earning, and Ownership

It is an amazing parenting resource - as all their books and blogs are

They are doing a special promotion today:

By pre-ordering the book (following the links at the end of this page), you will:
Pay about $12 rather than the $18 the book retails for after its official release
Be one of the first to receive the book

(you’ll get it September 6th, the very day booksellers get it)
If you email your pre-order receipt to, you'll also receive:
A link to a free animated musical audio book for children on Honesty (the first in the applauded children’s CD series, Alexander’s Amazing Adventures (based on the Eyres' NYTimes Bestseller, Teaching Your Children Values). This download is a $10 value.

Plus they have extra prizes you can win.

Check THIS out for more info

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My Super Hero

If you have met or know my Dad, you probably know why I think he is the most amazing man alive. But this summer, while I was away from my wonderful husband, my Dad pulled through as my real live superman. I was truly a maiden in distress and came to the rescue.

He held my hair back and brought me water as I puked, he bought me ice cream when I couldn't eat anything else and didn't even flinch when I ordered a tripple (:

and he took care of my two wild kids while I lay around incapacitated, he even taught Brooklyn how to hit her first tennis ball over the net while I slept at home.

Where he really went above and beyond is when he took it upon himself to help me ween the most addicted nursing toddler in the history of the world. Jude, at 17 months was still nursing between 6 and 9 times a day! - well I should say night. Since we had been sleeping in the same room since early May, and always where he would wake up several people when he started screaming, he learned quickly that I would just nurse him to shut him up.
Not only did my Dad start putting Jude down for all his naps, but he took him through the night and taught him that he wasn't going to get Mom when he woke up to nurse. In fact, 2 nights with Grandpa Greg and he was sleeping through the night! Well. that is until 6:30am when Dad would take Jude out on the Canoe to keep him from waking everyone up!

Two full nights of sleep changed my life and I actually didn't throw up for 3 full days! I have a thousand times better since I stopped nursing Jude and SOOO grateful for Grandpa Greg!
The amazing thing is my Dad made me feel like I was doing him a favor by letting him put Jude to sleep. He was thrilled that he was able to bond with Jude and found great satisfaction in sleep training him for me.

Of course the rest of the family - My Mom, Dana, Brig, Brooke and Vic were incredible supports during that difficult time as well and I could write a blog entry about each one of them and everything they did - honestly, I have to do my final for Hypnobabies though!
More blogs to come now that we have internet in our apartment finally though!
Honestly Thank you sooo much Dad and Family for being such incredible supports to me this summer! I needed you more than ever and you pulled through for me! I promise to cook again next summer (: