Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Brooklyn's Fourth Birthday!

Color Explosion was the Theme for Brooklyn's Birthday this year and we went all out again (:

Did you know there’s a treasure at the end of each rainbow?
Today you can find it if you search high and low!

Follow the clues to the pot of Gold, But don’t listen to that Leprechaun or You’ll be fooled!
To find a rainbow, we must know our colors
What comes first in the rainbow? Must you ask your Mothers?
RED Red’s our first color, it’s so much funWhat’s red and yummy over there? WATERMELON! That’s right, you had better go run!Now your tummies full and you can run!
But first fix this puzzle, it’s all undone!
ON THE BACK: Run to the Orange Balloon!Sticky hand on the bench

This sticky hand is really tricky, see what color you get but get there quickly!
The leprechaun is faster than two, don’t let him get you or he’ll tickle you!

Brooklyn loves the game of tennis,with these balls, we could be a menace! The Leprechaun is right around here, Pick up some balls, and lets hit his rear!!!

If these balls are yellow and we’re following our rainbow theme, What’s our next color? It must be ….... GREEN!Who sees the green balloon I think I do Run and see what’s there, but only take a few! GRAPES

What letter does Bubble start with? That’s the clue Now what COLOR starts with B? That’s right BLUE! FOLLOW THE BUBBLES! Who likes bubbles? What color are they? They’ve got all the colors! The whole arrayof colors and fun, so dance around, cause soon we’ll turn off the soundWhen the music stops, everyone freeze, the winners all will get a prize! NECKLACES
Why did we run around so long? Finding clues to lead us to the end of a song? No! A rainbow, you’re right! A treasure fairIf we find the last color, it will lead us there! What is the last color of the rainbow? A Purple caped Leprechaun is running alone -Chase him now and you’ll find his home!!

My friends took more photos, but I haven't gotten them yet.
Good times... wish everyone could have been there!
Binghams, thanks for coming all the way out from Valparaiso!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I am now the Chicago Hypnobabies Instructor!

I am so excited! I am starting my first Hypnobabies in Chicago on October 1st! There are only 5 spots available, so if you know anyone here that would be interested, please let them know!
I have a website
I am also on Facebook and Twitter and would really appreciate if you "Liked it!"
Hypnobabies is the leading Childbirth Methodology for Natural Childbirth.
It has worked amazingly for both my births and I can't wait to share it with more couples!
Please check out my website (I'm still working on it looking a little better, but it's functional for now!)

Friday, September 16, 2011

It's Over!

I made three meals today, went swimming with the kids, got Brooklyn to her first ballet lesson and even had energy clean a bit! We went apple picking and I got $100 worth of fruits and veggies (Counting $25 worth of raw honey and maple syrup (: ) Paige is eating again!

Brooklyn was SO excited for her first ballet lesson!
Apple Picking in Indiana!
The nausea ended over a week ago and I am SO grateful!!! Thank you everyone for the suport, advice and words of encouragement as I went through one of the longest 4 months of my life!

My girls for Sista-Nanza 2011
So much has happened since I fell off the blogging band wagon, but most recently, Trey threw a surprise 30th party where 5 of my closest friends flew in to spend an entire weekend in Chicago with me! It was amazing to say the least. The day after they all left, we went down to Tennessee and Georgia to see Trey's family, then the day after we got home, Trey started a new Job! He is enjoying it. Will start a new semester next week and I am just grateful that I will be functional for this next leg of single parenthood. (with 40 hours of work and 30 hours of studies, we won't be seeing him much!
DDaddy and Nana's is Heaven on Earth for the kids!
PS is anyone else hating this new blogger template? I can't figure out how to use it and organize everything in my post!