Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tennessee and Georgia

Leaving home at 5am, flying to Nashville, waiting at the airport for 2 hours, then taking a 2 hour shuttle to Chattanooga, spending a night and taking a 2 hour shuttle to Atlanta, having dinner with Phil, Jen and Hayden and driving 1 more hour to finally get to our destination was all worth it!
We had a great day and a half with Papa and Didi, and of course a Heavenly time with DDaddy, Nana and family!
Butterbean Harvest was in full force again! DDaddy sat and shelled and Trey, Nanna, Jeff and I were the Harvesters!
Brooklyn learned to Drive this trip - both the Wagon while Jude sat in it and her own size car - though she wasn't so good at lookin' where she was going and ran into something! Scared us enough to resolve not to ever get her one of those! (:

There's always plenty to play with at DDaddy and Nanna's. The pink doll was the favorite this time though - for both Brooklyn and Jude!