Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Brianna and Christopher's Visit!

Brianna and Christopher are doing the MOST incredible trip across the US on this: 

I'm not going to go into all the details, but check them out  HERE.  We were SUPER lucky to have them have a show near us and Brianna did an awesome blog entry about their stay, and since I know I"m never going to get around to doing my own post about it,  I'm just copying her post onto here so you can see how much fun we had! 

Hyde Park & Chicago

After our show we met up with Paige and the kids off of Ogden Ave, which was quite appropriate as last we saw them they were in Ogden UT.  We grabbed lunch and then caravanned went back to their place. We got to see a lot of Chicago and do a lot of things. Paige had an itinerary for us all planned out. (I’ve told her, she needs to be a travel agent!)              
Here are some highlights from our three-day visit in the Windy City:

v Seeing Paige and Trey’s place in Hyde Park. They are on 29th floor literally overlooking Lake Michigan and the town with their 90 degree windows. It’s in such a great location! We got to meet some of their friends and they all seem really interesting and down to earth. The cutest thing: Every time we walk into the building Brooklyn and Jude walked up to the doormen and gave him a big High Five as if they owned the place. Adorable! 

v The Science and Innovation Museum with Brooklyn. We went to the You exhibit about human body parts. Brooklyn knew her way around the place and knows the names of the planets. Impressive! World class museums is one perk to living in such an established city and smart Paigey seems to be taking advantage of those rich resources.

v Seeing Pres. Obama’s house. It was a nice place and they 
have it guarded 24-7! I'm looking forward to seeing his new "home" in DC.

v Buying our 1971 Shwinns! We found a store that had at least 300 vintage Shwinn bicycles and bought a the prefect pair for only $325 and have enjoyed riding them around!

v We ate REALLY well throughout the weekend. Why 
wouldn’t we? We were with Paige Harris Clark right! 
We walked to their Deep Dish Pizza place where I could barely finish one piece, because it was at least 2 inches thick. 
 The next night we met up with Trey at their favourite restaurant
 in China Town and the three return missionaries (who served in
 Taiwan) ordered some delicious and authentic dishes. 
                                  Hen Hao Chi!          

v Our double date in down town Chicago was so much fun! Paige reserved a spot at an amazing restaurant called Bandera at 9:20 so we had the night to see the famous sites and all the incredible architecture. 

Face statues
The Bean
Trey’s Morningstar building

The food and company was muy ricoIt was so awesome to be there laughing and eating and, of course, discussing the intricate Harris-brother-in-law relationship Haha.. Victoria, we determined your future as our youngest sister so you should give me a call sometime ;) 

v Paige was doing her Hypno-baby workshop at their place so after frisbee, Trey took us to the Pancake House and then we played with the kids at the park nearby. It was a 3:3 ratio for kids to adults but by 1:00pm Trey, Christopher and I were exhausted and pleading that Paige let us back in the apartment.

Christopher and Trey, of course, ordered stea

v We walked to Church and I got to meet some more great friends of Paige’s… There were some very smart members there and the Sunday school teacher, who is completing her PhD in Hebrew studies, taught us about three different ancient Israeli sacrifices. I can’t remember the exact names but the first was when they would take their unblemished lamb to the sacrificial table where it was completely incinerated. Ashes to ashes. Think, what is something that you need to take to the Lord and completely get rid of? Second, their lamb was presented at the temple and cooked for the priests. That sacrifice represents things we give –or give up–  for the good of our community. The third sacrifice was a meal that they would sacrifice their lamb but then their family would enjoy it. There are definitely sacrifices that we make so that our family members are blessed right?
After such a good class we were enjoying the sacrament meeting but were handed a leave-early ticket when Jude peed his pants. I noticed that neither Paige nor I was that upset with him ;) as we strolled home.

v Putting the kids to sleep.
 I’m so glad I took our last night to put Jude and Brooklyn asleep.  At first, they were resistant to having me read to them b/c I’m pretty sure they thought of me as some Mommy-look-alike-dictator that was there to make their lives miserable.  Hahah. The funny thing is, I cared more that I lessened
       Paige’s burden or stress for those 3 days than I secured my title as Favourite Aunt in the kids’ hearts. I can understand our Mom’s perspective now; I wanted to help Paige out and if that meant not letting Brooklyn eat her pomegranate seeds in the living room, then so be it right?
 By the end of the day Jude was flat out ignoring me, which is he so good at doing by age 2 ;) But that’s why one of my  favourite parts of our visit was when they finally cuddled up in the crooke of my arms and I read them a story about Tigers. Then Brooklyn said, “Now tell us a scary story about Tigers. Really scary.” And Jude added, “And pirates!” 
Two sentences into the story Jude was asleep but Brooklyn was alert til the end. I actually was almost falling asleep so I must’ve started to mumble and she whispered, “I can’t hear you.” She’s so sweet. At the end of my story of how the tiger saved the monkies from the ruthless pirates  she asked, “Did Jimmy get to keep a baby monkey?” I remembered how Paige always wanted a pet monkey; Brooklyn must be Paige’s daughter eh!

Here are some more great pictures of the Clark kids:
Everything's a game with Jude. He let me take tons of pictures as he screeched, "Daddy mustache!!" after every gulp.

We went to the beach (aka Paige's favourite spot in Chicago) and 24 lb Holland sat happily on my back the entire time!

Brooklyn has grown up so much! She is adorable and a natural model