Monday, November 19, 2012

Brooklyn's 5th Birthday!

First of all, I haven't blogged forever and can't figure out the new setup of blogger for arranging photos! any tricks of the trade anyone can share???
Anyway,  this is a long one, so watch out...

 I can't believe my baby is 5! All week I kept grabbing her and hugging her saying "I only get to hug my 4 year old little girl for a few more days!"

 We went all out as usual for this one... When I arrived at the beach the thought of "What have I done" definitely entered my mind. The invite list kept growing and everyone seemed to be able to come, so soon there were over 30 people coming. 
We started at the Rock beach near our house which is probably my favorite place in Chicago.  Everyone hung out and played in the water for a while, then the treasure hunt began! 
My good friend Kelty, who has a lot of acting background was in
charge of reading the clues and she was great!  
"Hello Ponies, we are glad you are here! Today's treasure hunt will make you cheer! You are here to help your friends on a Quest To find My Little Pony Marks and do your best There is Rarity, Twighlight Sparkle and Pinkie Pie Applejack and Fluttershy... Now listen closely to every clue, then you can choose your cutie mark too!

We gave them some sticks they would later stick in their Applejack Apples 
"Here are wands you'll need for magic
Be careful with them, please don't be spastic!" 

Treasure #1
Twighlight Sparkle is a Unicorn
To find her mark, follow the Popcorn! 
In magic school her challenge was 
to hatch an egg for great applause 
(once kids found the egg) 
Can you all try with your magic wants 
to Crack open the egg and see who responds?

Jude was a great Dragon (When Twighlight Sparkle cracked open her egg in the show, Spike the dragon came out...)
Treasure #2 
Rarity's a Unicorn and loves things that sparkle....
A rock once exploded and was bedazzled
The little pony was shocked and amazed
For inside rock gems were ablaze 
Now look for those rocks that once broke apart 
Bubbles in the air is a good place to start!

My friend Hollie was blowing bubbles from behind the rock and
they all followed the bubbles and got necklaces from a crack in a few big boulders.
  They got their next clue next:
Treasure #3
For this next one, we'll have to walk hand-in-hand. 
We're on a search for things in the air, not the land...
We'll walk along a wall for a while 
for Shutterfly's adventures take us a mile! 
She's a shy pegasus pony that loves to fly 
But once she fell from way up high 
Butterflies caught her!  Can you believe it? 
Can you see any of the neatest insects on the planet?

We then left the beach and walked along the wall along the lake.    Along the wall was a low hanging branch that we hung butterflies on!  There was a pony I had drawn on a poster and another clue!

Treasure #4:
Applejack left home to see the city
But for her it was much, much too busy 
A Rainbow is what pointed her back 
to Poneyville, where there was nothing that lacked 
Can you see the Rainbow Bridge? 
Can you run across and not touch the ridge? 
They then ran to the bridge where we had put streamers across the bridge and again put a poster of the Pony (Applejack) up. 
I wish I could have somehow made the whole bridge a rainbow (:  In a city like that, I'm sure it would have been interpreted as a statement other than a little girl's rainbow party though (: 

At the bottom of the rainbow bridge, Applejack's treasure was homemade caramel apples!  After they took a rest and ate their apples, they had one more clue!

First a bunch of cute pictures though!  Oh and they used the magic wands they had as sticks for the apples.
The boys found a spot to sit to chow down their treat...till we realized there's probably rat poop 
all over that area and got them to move (: 

Treasure #5
Wow you guys, you are awesome friends... 
You've almost made it to where this all ends! 
We are all here to celebrate Brooklyn Clark
Can we find Pinkie Pie's cutie mark in the park?  
She wanted to share the feeling that made her feel happy 
So what did she throw?  no, not a puppy! 
A Party!  That's right!  It's around a corner
Go! Go! Go!  Who can be faster?

Horse Cupcakes,

Amazing decorations by Kjirsti Call

A Pony Fondant Cake

Amazing Decorating Skills by my wonderful husband whom I did not treat well through this whole thing...

It's amazing he still loves me some days!
But is was all worth it for memories and pictures like these!!!
Speaking of which, the credits:
Trey:  For allowing me to boss him around for an entire day!
Kjirsti:  my amazing friend here who has been so fun to have in my life for so many reasons!  She went far beyond the call of duty by making the cake below the fondant (GLUTEN FREE/VEGAN!), Making all those adorable decorations you see Trey hanging, taking these amazing photos and being my assistant in all other things (that Trey didn't do) to pull this off!
Keltie for being Treasure Hunt Leader Extraordinaire! We miss you!
Lisa for taking pictures
Hollie for manning the necklace booth and coming all the way down with John and the kids!  I can't ever get enough of you guys!
And everyone else for coming and pitching in when needed to pull this crazy affair off!

Oh!  And Finally, a party is never complete without a PINATA!!!
Now it's your turn to play along...Can you find your kid!? Let me know if I missed one!

Thanks again to all who participated!