Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jude's Birthday

So I'm pretty proud of my self for this one.  It was pulled off in a day of planning and quite a hit!  
Jude turned 3.  Still won't tell you that when you ask him, but he'll put 3 fingers up - most of the time (:  
He is adorable and sweet as any kid could be.  We love his energy and enthusiasm.  You should see him on the jumpy gym, swimming, biking and running!
We started out in the Jumpy Gym where there is action and toys for all ages and stages.  We love having this open every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday morning!  It is an amazing perk to living in this apartment!
The Birthday Boy doing what he does best!

Then the reptile Man Arrived!

Our apartment complex has this guy come in twice a year and it just happened to be right around Jude's Birthday.  I took that bait and ran with the theme as fast as I would if I saw one of these guys anywhere but here! 
The kids were enthralled!  
It was a small enough group where the kids could all hold and touch all the animals if they wanted to. 
Both my kids were all over it! Others were more cautious

Isn't this cool!
This guy keeps these reptiles in his basement.  They are his pets!

This snake could have eaten these kids whole!
This thing carried me around!
If I were to get any of these as pets, it would be this one though!  It just eats grass and lives forever!  And you can ride it!  There must be a catch... 
After we held, rode and touched the animals, we headed upstairs for some reptile snacks and games!
I was proud of how simple I kept things.  I ordered Subway to be delivered and made it into a snake,
Got some Frog plates from the dollar store
And decorated cupcakes for a turtle cake!
My amazing friend Kjirsti came through on the Birthday banner once again.  Thank you!! 
 Then it was PINATA TIME!  
A Reptile EGG of Course!  
Vera made it to the party at the end.
Thanks for all who came!  We love our friends here in Chicago!
Thanks to everyone who made it so great - especially Regents who made it so easy for me!