Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Yoga and Love and Acceptance

This is what I do when I do Yoga

When I started Yoga, I was still into pounding my body to change.  I wanted a "Hard" workout where I would feel exhausted and like a did something worthwhile.  I liked those classes where I was sore all over after.  I had come from doing a year of cross fit - but I had knots in my back and stress in my body and I knew from the few time's I'd done Yoga that it would help.
I eased into it by getting into a third Chakra (Ego) based practice where we got into all sorts of crazy poses and I walked out drenched, but blissful.  It was the perfect tradition for me as the slow, peaceful, stretchy Yoga I do now probably would have driven me crazy back then and I wouldn't' have gone back.
But as I was going through the most tumultuous time of my life, I was blessed to be able to find Bodhi Yoga and Syl Carson.  She is now my guru and friend.  She is amazing and created a Yoga Teacher training that is un paralelled!  I am about to graduate from her program and am filled with gratitude for what she has given me.  I have come from a third Chakra practice to a whole body, holistic, healing practice where I truly am able to INHALE LOVE and EXHALE GRATITUDE.