Tuesday, May 31, 2016

These are a Few of my Favorite Things

I love lists.
Here is my list of my favorite things from doing my Teacher Training through
Bodhi Yoga

1. Breath.  OOh, the breath!  One of the coolest things I learned is when Syl had us get into a folded pose and then had us breath down into it.  She pointed out there is a point where the sound is no longer in your breath.  As you press out that last amount of breath, that is where you find your extra stretch.  As I have applied this in my practice, it has been so exciting!  I have realized that in Utkatasa or other more challenging poses, I focus on my breath and breath power and strength into my body and it totally works!
2. The Pose - Syl has probably been doing Yoga the most and longest of anyone in Utah County.  She knows her stuff and it has been so exciting to work with her in learning what each pose really can feel and look like when done with integrity!  We spent 15 minutes helping me get into the correct Triangle pose.  There were probably 20 different adjustments she helped me make and in the end, emotionally I felt like I was in Shavasana!  Just so comfortable!
3. Chakras - I actually bought Syl's Chakra manual because the more I learn about them, the more I see they pull EVERYTHING else together.  It is the WHY of Yoga, it is a way to see where in life we need balance and healing and you see how every society and religion use the Chakras, often without realizing it!  I can't wait to dive deeper into the Chakra training and I will continue to apply it in my teaching and life.
4. Hands on Adjustments - Syl teaches an incredible training on how to do Restorative Partner Massage which is basically the most amazing Marma massage technique in the world.  I have LOVED learning as many of these as possible as I know it makes a huge difference when I'm in a class and the teacher comes over and adjusts or works with me.

5. Doshas.  Since I was about 15 I have been in love with energy typing, personality typing, whatever you call it...THIS is the Mother of them all!  It has been so exciting and fun to see how the information from the Dosha's can be applied to all the different personality type stuff I already know but the coolest part is how I can apply it to teaching Yoga now!  Every pose either strengthens or balances a Dosha and by being able to read what Dosha someone is, we can adjust and guide them better.  So fun!
6. Syl - I feel like I have been able to sit at a gurus feet and glean knowledge for one weekend a month and I just feel rejuvenated and blessed because of it.  Syl has a wealth of knowledge and just watching how she teaches and manages the class is inspiring.
7. My Classmates - really cool people typically do Yoga Teacher Training and this class was no exception!  Some of these ladies will be my lifelong friends, some I will only have been inspired and touched by them and we will move along our own paths, but no matter what, they will always have a special spot in my soul journey.
8.  Yolking - I love that Yoga means Yolking.  I start most of my classes reminding my students now that it is Yolking us together or Yolking our own body, breath and Pose or Yolking our mind, body and spirit.  No matter what, the yolking happens with the breath.  I have felt Yolked by this experience.  More Yolked to this wonderful town of Provo, to Yoga and that my mind body and soul are more at peace.

Friday, May 13, 2016

BodhiSpin Yoga and Meditation

Have you ever heard of Kundalini Yoga!?  I hadn't until I did my teacher training through Bodhi Yoga and it was awesome!  Bodhi Spin is the series that I have been trained in.  This is a Chakra Yoga class where you awaken each Chakra and find energetic healing!  Through a series of movements you awaken happy energy of the body up to the Crown Chakra, where once refined, the healing energy is integrated back down through the Root Chakra. It is quite a ride of spinning and moving in amazing ways that anyone could do, thus opening and energizing your energy centers to find healing and clarity.  I have found that I find mental clarity and am able to see my chakras in my third eye more clearly when I do the Bodhi Spin and end in Shavasana.  The series of poses and movements creates this energy healing class and I have felt physical power in my thought afterwards.  This is a wonderful class is wonderful for working through depression, if you've been sedentary too long or just to feel or more positive.   

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Online Yoga Classes

I have done my Yoga teacher training through Bodhi Yoga.  The studio is so peaceful and beautiful.  There is a fountain, all things Yoga and the energy there is amazing.  Sometimes I just can't get to a class though and I have loved having this resource: BodhiYoga Classes Online! 

Check out 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

The Gunas

I love learning about Yoga philosophy and Prakriti and Gunas are some of the most fascinating parts, especially because understanding them helps me teach and practice with more effectivly.  In sandscrit, Prakrity means "Nature".  Pracrity has 3 ways of manifesting herself and can be seein in very thing we do.  These are the 3 Gunas -  Rajas, Tamas and Sattva.  Each Guna has a unique expression showing up in evrything we do, how we look, govern ourselves and our relationships.  Interestingly, each pose is dominantly one guna, just as all things in nature are.  

Raja is a dynamic, insistent, and passionate energy, that is distinguished by effort and pain.  Most gyms have a very Rajasic practice and the energy of it seeks strength, power and and catharsis sometimes becoming excessive.  Rajasic energy is a forward and backward movement. Downward facing and forward lunge are good examples of a Raja pose as well as the movement in and out of poses.  
Tamas is a heavier, stronger, steady energy.  In Yoga, it is the deeper movement wihtin the focus of each posture.    Tamas can supply a steadying infuence in life.    In yoga Tamasic energy is the up and down curents of extention of head and connection to the feet.  When you really lengthen upward in a pose, it becomes more Tamasic.  If unbalanced, the Tamasic energy would be what keeps someone from trying a posture, from participating or from recieving touch in hands on adjustments.  Sattvic Energy reveals what is true and real.  It is light, delicate, clear and graceful.  Sattva is "the pure mind with neither judgment nor self-awareness." In Yoga it is the balancing postures or the Sattva of Namaste.  It is the centering point of your practice, the point just prior to conversation.  Sattva is free from negative thoughts and emotions which in turn creates enlightenment and self-realization.  In yoga Sattva would view a yoga practice as a journey "with each yoga postures as a potential for both steady joy as well as challenge. In Yoga Teacher Training with Syl through Bodhi Yoga teaches all about this and so much more!  www.gobodhiyoga.com

The Breath

One of my biggest takaways from Yoga Teacher Training with Bodhi Yoga is the power and wisdom and incredible importance of the breath.  According to Yoga history, the inhale before that first OM set the journey of yoga motion over 5000 years ago.  I love this quote from our teacher training manual:  "The breath is the foundation of every movemnt extension, engagement and release of each asana.  The breath holds both the basis and the potential for your practice in the melody of movement through each inhale and exhale."
As I have been able to utilize my breath more through breathing exercises, more presence and focus, my practice has deepened and strenthened and I have learned a fundamental fact that applies in all areas of my life:  'ALL I NEED IS IN MY BREATH.'

We learned about Deergha Swasam breath, Nadi Sodhana breath, Kapalabhati and Surya Behedana breath as well as about 5 others.  I will only discuss the fundamental breath of Yoga, the Ujjayii breath.  To create this warming breath we seal the throat bandha (a seal at the back of the throat), touching our tongue on the tip of our upper palate just behind the center of the two front teeth, letting the corners of the mouth turn gently upward and make the sound of a yawn with our mouth closed,  creating the sound of an ocean tide.
We practice this breath with a soft retention once the lungs are topped off with air.  Retention length should not feel labored.  The exhale should be controlled Ujjayii exhalation.  Again, pause briefly at the bottom of the breath and begin inhalation, followed by retention.

I have experienced that when I use Ujjayii breath during my practice, my asanas are deepened. Benefits also include lowered blood pressure, relived symptoms related to asthma, insomnia, chronic fatique, fibromyalgia and depression as well as regulating stress hormonal release and tone the diaphragm!