Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Yoga for Emotional Healing

I found Yoga when my marriage was falling apart.  I was in emotional turmoil whenever he was around and often when he wasn't. Looking back I am surprised that I was able to keep it together.  I guess I'm like my Dad with eternal optimism in my genes even though all signs were pointing to my worst nightmare.  In any case, there was a beautiful smelling, warm Yoga studio at Lifetime fitness and I gravitated to it and found a place to find serenity, challenge, friends, strength and insight.  I grew up being very active, so moving my body and getting my heart rate us is essential for my emotional wellbeing, but previously I had done everything from Crossfit to running and going to gym classes.  They were great, but once I found Yoga I would watch people doing those things after an awesome workout - and having laid in Shavasana for the past 15 min. I would wonder if they had ever tried Yoga!  I was more fit, healthy and stable than ever and the class was so enjoyable!
Once I left my husband, home and life in Texas over a 3 day period, I moved to Provo Utah and found Bodhi Yoga.
I feel like the more 3rd Chakra, intense workout yoga prepared me for what I found here.  I was so focused on a good workout that this type of yoga would have been frustrating right out of the gate, but I had experienced what Yoga really was and knew I wanted more of the emotional healing andd spiritual stuff, the deep understanding of the body and spirit and the Chakras that pull everything together and more integrity in my poses.
Syl who is the founder and owner of the studio and had exactly what I and so many others are looking for.  A Yoga devoted to Healing and inspiration. She has gone through breast cancer and struggles with different health issues that have given her an opportunity to use Yoga as a powerful source for healing and growth.  She is a true guru in understanding energy and healing with videos for at home practice.
Yoga has been a key in my healing process from my failed marriage and loss.  I hope you can find some for you.

Finally, As Jack Kerouac says "Let me tell you the truth, at last...."

The truth in healing cannot happen without feeling. You have to bring your consciousness fully into your body. You have to feel. Feel without any resistance. Feel without blocking anything. Feel.

Now do it always, not just sometimes. Awareness practice.

Awareness makes it 1000 times more powerful.

Marry the spirit and the body together==