Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Meditation has been difficult for me.  The best time for me to do it is after a yoga practice as I lay in Shavasana and I find the more I do it, just like any muscle it is getting easier.
Meditation is defined as "To focus one's thoughts on, reflect on or ponder over as to deepen undertanding."  This action of surrendering the thinking mind could describe yoga asana practice, pranayama practice, seated meditations or standing in the check out line at the grocery store.  The aim of most meditation is to come to a clearer truth of self.

In Bodhi Yoga Teacher Training, we learn about several different types of meditations.
1. Seated Mediations where you sit with the intent for focus or release of the mind
2. Japa Meditations-Chanting where you chant the name of God as a communion or tool for manifesting your sincere desires, opening a grace channel for abundance
3. Guided imagery Meditations where you relax the mind and follow the directions of a verbal guide
4. Tonglen Meditation - Pranayama practice where you come closer to your own suffering and the suffering of the world and exhale compassion for the self and then all those who suffer rounding back to yourself.
5. Moving Meditations, Therapeutic Yoga Therapy, Asanas, walking or running or even being deeply focused and present when washing the dishes!
6. Prayerful Meditation-focusing internal thoughts in conversation with the Divine.

Mediations for as little as 8-12 minutes daily will increase the brains ability to function at the Theta brain wave level!  This is the level just prior to sleep where the body resonates at a blanced state.  Your brain cells reset their potassium and sodium levels involved in osmosis which is the process that transports chemicals into and out of your brain cells!

Now that is COOL!
PS I have found a neat app call Namaste that has guided meditations and music that I have found to be super helpful in starting meditation!