Thursday, May 25, 2017


I had never chanted before I came to Bodhi Yoga studio but it has been so cool to experience the transcending power and energy that comes from doing it! Syl has a BEAUTIFUL CD / MP3 download on Amazon with her chants.  I have loved playing it and learning the chants and my kids even know some of them now!

As she explains in the beginning of her CD, Chanting is one of the oldest practices in the world.  Wherever you study a culture, most of its origins go back to some form of Chant as a way to pass information from teacher to student, generation to generation and so on.  Chant sounding pre-dates language and could be thought of in the realms of the primordial body.
Sanskrit is the language of consciousness and so with the sound of one word not ending but becoming a part of the next.  As we chant, we re-circle back through to find the energy and intent that looms deeper and deeper within you.  When you chant, the inner most ear and every cell of the body opens and you create an intrinsic lacing between the most inner and entirely of the universe.

My favorite Chant is
It means
"I bow to the Divine Creator, to the inner knowingness, the teacher and to the love of GOD inside me"

I can only sing it because of the CD that I listened to and sang along with for weeks.
Now I can incorporate it into my practice and love it!

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