Friday, May 26, 2017

Graduation and What I've Learned

Yoga has been a place of healing, a place to learn about myself and humanity and a place for growth for me.  I was drawn to it in one of the hardest times in my life and I have felt like I wanted to dive in and immerse myself in it at all times!  I was amazingly lucky and blessed to find Bodhi Yoga in Provo where I was able to sit at a true guru's feet and learn from Syl Carson.  A Yogi in the true sense of the word, she breaths and speaks and lives Yoga.
I deepened my understanding of postures and Chakras and breathing in Yoga and learned totally new things like chanting and about Fascia, Ayurvedic philosophy and Marma points that blew my mind!
The out of class learning has also been beneficial as I have taught over 50 hours of Yoga to friends, family and total strangers.  I have become comfortable in sharing Yoga which was ultimately one of my hopes.
I have studies anatomy that has helped me get deeper in my own practice as well as improve my ability to support my students.
The hands on adjusting training I have receivedBodhi Yoga.  Syl has an incredible understanding of the Marma points and body to help us to move and adjust our students in emotionally and physically healing ways.
has been one of my favorite things about this training in
The energy healing aspects of Yoga are so exciting and wonderful and where I can go with the knowledge I've acquired through over 200 hours of training is exciting.  I see myself being able to work with kids, pregnant women, couples and individuals as I assist them in finding connection, creativity, power and strength, increased self love and love for others, communication and enlightenment!

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