Saturday, May 13, 2017

BodhiFlow Tiers 1-4

I teach a style of yoga that Syl Carson of Bodhi Yoga designed.  It is several moving meditation yoga series that flow together in a very inspired way.  It is different from traditional vinyasa because it moves slower with the primary focus being on releasing the core tightness in the body and awakening the Prana or "Life Force" of the body, mind and spirit.  It helps develop the upper body strength and grounded awareness providing balance and flexibility in one of the most therapeutic ways possible.   This is done by focusing on slow, steady movements where each posture ceases to be separate from one another and the pace supports 'time under tension' where the muscles balance and the mind builds stronger with less repetitions than fast paced, traditional vinyasa.
Ultimately when practicing BodhiFlow, you experience deeper the realities of our mind, body, spirit connection because we use the full breath with each movement rather than shortening our breath to keep up with our repetitions.  It is intended to open and strengthen the tneire body from the inside out.

With BodhiFLow is appropriate for anyone who is in basic good-health and any level of Yogi can find it benefits like expanded body/mind understanding and awareness and well being.

Tier 1 moves one through a simple adapted sun salutation with therapeutic attention to the low back, S-I joint, sacrum and abdominal core (psoas). Starting in Tadasana one moves into a short Utkatasan to a forward fold, then into a modified plank and upward facing before moving into a child's pose.  From there you move up into rolling up and scrolling into cow then cat before scrolling into a downward facing before walking up into tadasana again.

Tier 2 moves you through into a more active series, starting with a supported backbend, folding into  a forward fold and then a pyramid, then crescent lunge before the triangle.  Moving through to a lunge twist and into a chataranga, there is a short rest in child pose before the opposite side repeats before coming back into Tadasana.

Tier 3 begins with a swinging forward 3 times before lacing the fingers behind the back and letting them fall.  Coming back into Utakatasana for a breath, you then exhale into forward fold and move through plank and Chataranga.  Scrolling back into child and downward facing, one leg raises before steppign through Warrior I, Reverse Warrior and revolved raised lunge and twist and moving onto the others side via a Chataranga before coming up to the swinging, utkatasana and tadasana.

Tier 4. begins with deep breaths with hands in the UttaraBodhi Mudra against the heart, charging the heart with healing energy for 3 breaths.  Moving forward into a fold, you then inhaling to a squat and exhaling as you roll back, inhaling forward, exhaling back 4 times before rolling all the way up to forward fold and back to Tadasana.

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