Wednesday, May 24, 2017

BodhiYin Yoga

BodhiYin is a restorative Yoga Practice that Syl Carson of Bodhi Yoga designed that awakens the Vitality and immunity of the body, mind and spirit, recharging those with supportive, restorative postures using stillness, breath and subtle intrinsic movements through several cycles of deep relaxation.
This practice requires bolsters and blankets as well as other props that help the body and mind let go to the subtle whispers of the spirit.
The supported poses in this series are held for longer periods of time allowing the mind and body to relax into each outer.  With micro movements and deep breathing we surrender each layer of resistance until we are fully relaxed in our intrinsic practice.
Honoring Tamas, the heavier, more still energy, we allow the experience of surrendering to deeper and deeper layers of stillness, intrinsic movement, restoration and cellular rejuvenation.  People with anxiety or burn out from any kind of excessive activity, but it stress, disease or chronic pain experience profound benefit form practicing this way.

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