Saturday, May 13, 2017

The 12 Physical Benefits of Yoga

1. Integumentary
Now that I am in the premium skin care industry with Rodan and Fields, this part is very fascination, did you know Yoga gives skin a healthy glow by detox though sweating, blancing hormones and boosting the flow of oxygen-rich blood to the skin as well as stimulating production of collagen throughout the body promoting resilient skin.

2. Fascial
Have you heard of Facia?  I hadn't until about 3 years ago!  If you've ever cooked a chicken breast, you know that thin layer of something around it that you can peel off?  That is fascia and we have it too!  When your fascia isn't working right, there are serious problems.  Yoga releases lock down in the body from constant 'forward thrust' and stress by using an intrinsic patterning of resistance and release, which facilitates fluidity through all the stimulates of the body.

3. Skeletal
Yoga strengthens bone density through isometric movements and keeps optimal range of motion in joints.

4. Muscular
I never felt more fit than when I did Yoga every day.  Not when I was doing crossfit or training at a national level of racquetball or badminton.   My muscles were balanced and strong.  Yoga strengthens tone and lengthens our muscles through movement.   Yoga also keeps muscles young and vital so that more minerals and nutrients are more readily absorbed.  When our muscles are blanced and in structural alignment, more movement is allowed thus expending less energy!

5. Circulatory
Yoga acts as a cleaners of our systems, oxygenating the blood as well as toning the entire cardiovascular system.

6. Respiratory
Yoga practice increases our overall lung capacity and tones all the systems of the body.

7. Digestive
So often as I teach my class i mention we are massaging our internal organs.  How often do you do that other than in Yoga class?  Yoga is typically practiced on an empty stomach.  It stimulates the body's digestive fire and healthy elimiative practice.  In short, regular Yoga helps you keep regular!

8. Eliminative
Yoga Kriyas and the Yoga tradition of fasting can be used to cleanse the GI tract internally.

9. Endocrine
Yoga stimulates Thyroid function and the pituitary gland and balances hormones.

10.  Nervous
Yoga increases nerve energy pathways throughout the body, balancing the cerebrospinal fluids and releases impingement pressure on nerves.  It also soothes the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems to work in tandem as they were intended.

11. Mental Emotional
Yoga balances the right and left brain thinking capacity, increasing conscious awareness and concentration abilities.

12.  Pranic
Yoga increases the overall Prana (Life Force) to each of the 12 systems and cultivates the ability to direct energy to different areas of the body.

If you have read all 12 of these benefits and aren't getting on your mat right now, I am surprised

Go Yoga!

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